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Revised hit location table


I never was fond of the hit location table in TNE allthough it serves its purpose. I wanted something that centers the hit location towards "natural" aimpoints during a heated combat. Mostly that would be the body, end preferably the upper torso.

A sample document can be found here:

However, one thing it does not solve is the aimed shot, which are usually in the periferi of center. Head, limbs whatever which is most natural to aim at depending on situation. However if you miss the shot, where does this shot go?

I am working on a template system similar to Milleniums End. Anyone tried that?

In short it is transparencies with hit locations spread out from center. Milleniums End uses (or used a D100 system) which gave quite fine granularity. THis template was then put over a siluete of a target in some sort of stance. The body was then divided into 20+ odd locations. If you aimed for chest and didn't get a good enough roll you may hit an arm or the shit missed, depending on where on the siluette the target template was placed and how it was rotated prior to rolling the die.

TNE uses a D20 system, which gives much fewer hit locations.

A system I was thinking of in general went like this: Roll 1D20 add recoil, range mod, movement mod substract asset. If the total is 0 you hit where you aim. The higher the result, further from the aimpoint the shot hits. Even missing.

This template system may not be very usefull in general combat as it may be time consuming, but may be used for aimed shots like sniping. And add some realism when it comes to firing at a hostage taker that holds a hostage for cover.
I think one recomendation was to use the deviation direction chart from the Refs screen.
Long is up, short is down, etc. If you aimed for chest but rolled long on deviation you'd hit the head. I think it was from Harold Hale who is a member here and was published in one of the Traveller Chronicles magazines.

I converted the D10 hit location chart to a D20 hit location at one time to add more hit locations like lower arm and upper arm rather than simply arm but it got too complicated when working out concussion damage effects which is usually divide by the 7 hit locations and then applied evenly. I had 17 or so hit locations and couldn't come up with a concussion damage conversion which worked for me.

I love TNE and prefer it to any other Traveller version mostly for the same reasons I feel everyone loves their own version for; it was the first version I actually played in, but come on man, it's complicated enough!
I do also love the TNE rules. I also like the setting very much, but I am curently running a campaign during the "golden age". We have now reached the 5FW. My players are stuck on Jewell during the siege.

But back to the topic. The template idea is just something I am thinking about at the moment. I'll probably not implement it, however the normal hit location system are bottom heavy in a way as the legs got 40% chance of being hit.

I know that studies show that legs do get hurt in about 40% of the time, but then all kinds of damage is included, not only damage from guns, but from mines, shrapnel and the like. Now in modern times most wounds will be to unprotected areas like legs, arms and so on as helmts and flack jackets are quite common among troops.
I just had a thought on this. Most people that use weapons, I should say, most characters, that use weapons have recieved some training in their use, either military or police training. In most instances I'd suspect this training encourages aiming for the center of mass or the mid torso region in humans/humaniods. Thus my thought was hit location 5 on the TNE hit chart is both mid torso and more or less mid range. If you assume that that is allways the default aimpoint determine the hit chance required as per TNE, then half it. Below half assumes target was indeed hit at location 5 - center mass. above half of what was required but still under the required target number means the shot drifted somewhat but still hit. Roll on the deviation table and implement a one or two hit location deviation.

Example: PC is trying to shoot at an armed opponent. His normal TNE generated hit chance requires he roll 10 or less to hit for the situation he finds himself in. If he rolls 1-5 he has hit, and hit in loc 5. If he rolls 6-10 he has also hit but rolls on the deviation chart, he rolls 8, short left, or low and to the left, GM determines this as location 7, targets right leg.

I like it, and I will give it a try

If someone tries for a headshot, or other location, rolling half or less hits the aim point.
Roll higher and the deviation roll could mean missing altogether.

I like it a lot :D