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Release Date: March 2002

March will soon be here. Is the T20 rulebook on schedule? Will we see it on sale in the beginning of the month, middle or end?

very anxoius...

Or please do not wait for FFE reprints, T20 already looks too great to wait for...
Well, it's March 1, and one of my FLGS is having a sale this weekend. Hopefully T20 will be there.

Anyhoo... just some random thoughts
If anyone has seen it in the store yes PLEASE let us know!!!
I am assuming that everything is ok, and within a few days I should see this at the local gaming store.
It's not out yet. Geeze. My experience with the printing (books and games) industry is that if they say march, they mean the end of march. So don't expect the T20 book to show up in the gaming stores until April 1st.

Becides, the front page will have the big announcement.
Just came back from the big sale.

No T20 yet.