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Refresher on Advanced Technology option in the CDS


SOC-14 1K
Evening all,

It has been a while since I posted my concerns, suggestions, and questions on the Advanced Technology options listed on pp. 228 - 229.

First I want to ensure I have a handle on the Advanced Technology (AT) rules as written and a suggestion on modifying their use.

First you select the Core, enter the number of core units installed, which is then multiplied by the cost, volume, EP, and CPU Output factors. At the time of core selection the Introductory TL (ITL) is indicated. At ITL+1 you can select either Miniaturization or Standardization. The modifier for Miniaturization is applied reducing the Volume, and EP of the ITL. While the Standardization modifier reduces ITL cost. Repeat the process up to 3 additional TLs for Miniaturization and 2 for Standardization, which reduces ITL Volume, EP, and Cost.

My reason for suggesting modification is as follows: At ITL the core is new with the resulting volume, cost, and EP indicated in the Core Table on p. 234. ITL+1 applying standardization reduces only the cost, while miniaturizing reduces volume and EP, but effectively leaves the cost at ITL. ITL+2, at least the way I believe the cycle works, will reduce either the ITL or ITL+1 for which ever option was selected. If Standardization was selected at ITL+1 and Standardization is selected at ITL+2 the ITL+1 cost is affected. On the other hand if at ITL+1 Miniaturization was selected then selecting Standardization at ITL+1 reduces the ITL cost. Repeat for ITL+3 and ITL+4.

ITL+1 selected AT Option reduces appropriate ITL Volume, EP, or Cost by the modifier. Example: Selecting Standardization reduces cost, while Volume and EP remains the same as ITL.

ITL+2 Again the selected AT option reduces either Volume, EP, or Cost, but at both the ITL and ITL+1. Example: Standardization is again applied at ITL+2, reducing ITL+2 cost. Alternately, selecting Miniaturization reduces ITL by the ITL+2 modifier and uses the ITL+1 Standardization cost.

ITL+3 AT option of Standardization reaches maximum modified value. Example: Selecting Standardization reduces either ITL, ITL+1, or ITL+2 Cost depending on which levels modifiers have been selected. Same apples for Miniaturization.

ITL+4 The max modifer for Miniaturization is reached and is applied to either ITL, ITL+1, ITL+2, or ITL+3 values. Standardization maximum modifier is applied to the last modified cost.

Suggestion: Allow Advanced Technology options to be applied to Computer Accessories on p. 233.