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Red Star Class Medium Transport


Here's a 300dt design I came up with--something in between a Far/Free Trader and a Subsidized Merchant:

Class: Red Star Class Medium Transport
Tech Level: 13
Size: Medium (300 tons)
Streamlining: Full
Jump Range: 1 x Jump-2
Acceleration: 2-G
Fuel: 66 tons
Duration: 4 weeks
Crew: 6
Staterooms: 10
Small Cabins: 8
Bunks: 0
Couches: 0
Low Berths: 8
Cargo Space:
Atmospheric Speeds: Cruising=825kph, NoE=275 kph, Maximum=1100 kph
EP Output: 6
Agility: 0
Initiative: 0
AC: 10
AR: 0
SI: 130
Main Computer: Model/1bis
Sensor Range: Close (Model/1)
Communications Range: Close (Model/1)
Other Equipment: Fuel Scoops

Design Specifications
Installed Components (Tonnage, Cost)
300 Ton Hull (Wedge, 300, MCr 36)
Bridge (-20, MCr 1.5)
Computer (-0.1, MCr 2.9, Model 1/bis)
Flight Avionics (-0.4)
Sensors (-0.3, Model/1)
Communications (-0.2, Model/1)
Jump Drive 2 (-9, MCr 36, -6 EP)
Jump Fuel (-60)
Maneuver Drive 2 (-15, MCr 10.5, -6 EP)
TL 13 Fusion Plant (-6, MCr 18, 6 EP)
Power Plant Fuel (-6)
Fuel Scoops (MCr 0.3)
2 Hard Points (MCr 0.2)
Staterooms, 10 (-40, MCr 5)
Small Cabins, 8 (-16, MCr 2)
Low Berths, 8 (-4, MCr .4)
Passenger Fresher (-0.5, MCr .002)
Autodoc (-0.5, MCr 1)
Air/Raft (-5, MCr .273)
Cargo: 117 tons
Total Cost: MCr 114.08 (MCr 91.26 w/20% standard design discount)
Nice! I think I'll use that design. It seems more like a bigger version of the A2 than a smaller version of the R.
I've even made deckplans on graph paper, would like to commit them to some sort of electronic format before too long. I'm glad you like it, there doesn't seem to be much middle ground with Traveller's freighters. The illustration on p. 279 of T20 THB is roughly what it looks like.
You need a classification code for it. Maybe AH -- 'A' for smaller merchant ships, 'H' for 'heavy'. Dunno!
Originally posted by robject:
You need a classification code for it. Maybe AH -- 'A' for smaller merchant ships, 'H' for 'heavy'. Dunno!
Possiblility: AM -- A for small merchant, M for medium transport (not a heavy hauler like the Subbie or Reliant, but not a lightweight like an A or A2.
A3? Since the A2 is the Free Trader IIRC?

Auxilliary would be A, which is what the merchants would fall under. M might imply something else, like Missile or Man or something. I forget, but didn't MT have a table for the OTU ship descriptor letters?

Anyway, if you get deckplans up, please post. This ship looks interesting.

The only other thing that would be really cool is to run the same kind of analysis that someone performed on the Free Trader, Fat Trader and Subbie to determine the economic viability of each (I recall seeing it on the Net, but not where...). I think it was done using Far Trader and some assumptions.

Nice, so far!
Hmmm....an A3 classification would probably work, as it is a step up from the Far Trader and could be construed to reflect its 300 ton displacement.
I have created deckplans for the Red Star, put them (including a description) in a zip file, and uploaded them to the fLibrary. Hopefully it'll be available for download soon.

I created them using TurboCad v8.1, and it took me nearly 16 hours total to make them.

I settled on the A3 designation, as proposed earlier, as it seems to be the best fit.
I allways thought the number in A1 and A2 represented the jump capability of the vessel and since it aint jump 3 shouldn't it perhaps be
A2(H), as in A class merchant/jump 2/ Heavy?
If you were going that route, I'd say AH2.
But do we have BB4, etc? And what if you have two battleships that are both jump 4 and just different designs?

The entire scheme has holes.
...and I always thought the A3 was the "Secure Trader" -- an A2 bristling with weapons.
This whole classification thing is starting to give me a headache, lol!! I think I should have let well enough alone at "Red Star Medium Transport". Oh, well.

What do you think of the deckplans?
Yeah... nice deckplans. Clean lines and professional looking. I like looking at deckplans, but my graphics skills (and interior design skills) are Zero.

Anyhow, your plans look good to me.