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RECONS Near Star List



I've now managed to make a Near Star List out of the RECONS nearest 100 systems data. It only goes out to about 22 lightyears from Sol, but AFAIK this is the most accurate list of known stars around Sol (andit's getting updated all the time).

Would anyone be interested in seeing this?
Could be used to make a Solomani Rim Celestia map

Non-Canon of course ;)

OK, well, an Excel version is at:

And a text version of the list is at:

Ted Lindsey's done a graphic of it, I've asked him if I could post it here... (it's on the 2320AD playtest list at the moment)

First column in the text file is the Gliese catalogue number as shown in 2300AD, then it's xyz in lightyears, then common name of the star, then spectral type/size, then absolute magnitude, then world name in 2300AD.