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Really does need at least one more class


After going over the pdf with a couple of non-travellers, I really realized that it's very difficult to show the variety that is possible in character creation with only the merchant class. Perhaps if the template in your preview hadn't _also_ been the merchant class it wouldn't be so bad. This is reenforced with the mention of multiclassing without any way to show how it works in practice.

I realize that is a fairly large document already, but the character template uses only about a page for the merchant. A similar amount could rather easily be spared for the scout class or other service class. Perhaps a handfull of pregenerated characters (with at least one multiclass example) could also be added.

If page count is an issue, please consider dropping the character sheet from this pdf and make it a separate download instead. If someone can handle the download of the near 60 pages for the lite book, they will be able to handle the 3 page sheet.

The book does an good job presenting a useful subset of T20 to get people interested. A class or two more, I think, would make it even more useful in trying to pull in new players.

I second that motion for a second character classes. I'd like to see if you could multiclass while gaining XP via Prior History Experience. If you want, just reduce the class tables from 1-20 levels to 1-10 levels to gain more space in the Lite Rules.

And if possible, how about a fast-play adventure scenario using the Lite Rules?