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Rating Starships


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Worlds have trade classifications. Can we derive ship classifications based on a ship design?

For example, consider these ratios and values:

cargo tonnage : hull tonnage
passenger staterooms : hull tonnage
weaponry tonnage : hull tonnage
maneuver rating
jump rating

and consider some types of classifications:

frontier / core


There's a potential matrix in the making here.
For example, the far trader is 200 tons, with around 64t cargo and 8 passenger states, M1J2. Let's assume two turrets, or 2 tons.

cargo:hull = 0.32
state:hull = 0.16
weaponry:hull = 0.01

Obviously, it's a merchant. Call it a trader if it's under 400 tons. Traders with J>1 are considered 'far'.

I wonder if the complexity runs through the whole system, or if it smooths out once we account for the typical starships.
IMTU. Here's some wild guesses. Needs revision.

</font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;">Code Hull Cargo States Weapons M-drive J-drive

Scout 5%- 6-10% 2+ 2+
Courier 6-10% 5% 2+ 2+

Trader 400- 30%+
Merchant 500-999 30%+
Freighter 1000+ 30%+ 3%-
Transport 30%+ 4%+
Liner 20%+

Mercenary 5%+ 4%- 1%
Patrol 4%- 4%- 1%
Yacht 10%- 5%+

Frontier 600+ 2-
Core 600+ 4+

Far 600- 2+
Fast 4+
Packet 20%- 0.5% 3+
Secure 30%+ 0.5+</pre>[/QUOTE]
Well, the Frontier Cruiser doesn't fit in here. Guess I need a rule for cruisers as well.

Tender is a good one.
"Military" vessel classifications based on weapons loadout will come apart using CT/most of MT/GT.

These are possible with TNE and T4, since more "reasonable" percentages of the hull are taken up with weapons.

You are perhaps better off if you want to extend this to "military" types in CT to concentrate on things like computer rating and powerplant rating, both of which tend to be on the high side for "military" vessels.

"Armed" being
weapons > 0%

"Paramilitary" being
weapons > 0%
computer > 1 rating above min jump requirement
(3+ G's?)

"Military" being
weapons > 0%
computer > 2 ratings above min jump requirement
Power > max of (jump or M-Drive)
(Jump or G-Rating 4+ or one at TL max?)

Scott Martin
Scout and courier should overlap; the distinctions for both are solely in electronics loadout. Couriers are usually NOT cargo ships, but key personnel movers. When it is cargo, it is usually small and light, like orders or X-mails (Wt measured in electrons...).

Sigg's stuffed with sensors/commo is below the resolution of HG and Bk2. It is barely resolvable at T20.