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Randomised Chargen for T20 + customised trading tables


SOC-14 1K
I wrote these a while ago and was wondering if anyone might find them useful.

(I'm afraid they're just .docs as I can't yet do pdf with text)

Random Chargen tables for T20.
Tries as best fit to add some randomness to T20 Prior History, sticking as much as possible to the CT ethic. Roll for random class feats and skills per level.

T20 Trading Tables, dependent on Trade Code and Tech Level.
All the T20 goods reorganised into tables so you can generate cargoes relevant to the kind of planet. ie: no Fruit and Veg from a vacuum world and no fusion guns from a low tech no industry planet.

Background Tables for colour.
Just a way of generating personal events, such as family, children, religion, friends etc.

Hope you find them useful, and any feedback would be helpful.

Ta ;)