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Race conversion: Ithklur


Having player not double-checking their Astrogation roll can be fun or not...

After a catastrophic Misjump (rolled 98 on the Misjump Table) I threw my players over a whole sector away, from Ley to Crucis Margin, in a skirmish between the K'kree and some Hiver client state.

I then decided make contact with them with a Hiver and an Ithklur bodyguard. (they saved them from a nearly blown up ship). Wanting the Ithklur to be an NPC for a while, I'm trying to find out what would be its stats in D20 terms.

For those who don't know what an Ithklur is, picture someone with the body of a lizard man, the face of a B5's Draazi and the Character of B5's Narns. Strong, Warlike Loving of crafts and highly detailed/decorated objects but deeply intellectual, philosophical and spiritual.

As of now, I've decided to do this: (Original GT stats in italics)

Typical Height: 2.15m (7')
Base: 180 +2d6(x5)
Height range: 1.90m - 2.40m
Typical Weight: 180kg (400 lbs)
Base 130 +(height mod x2d6)
Weight range: 134kg - 274kg

STR +2 (ST 13)*
DEX +1 (DX 11)
CON +2 (HT 11)
CHA -2 (none)**
SOC -2 (none)**

* I've tried not to unbalance the template by giving it too much strenght, after all, it's not an Ursa nor a Virushi. I've basically used the Sydite as a starting base

**The CHA and SOC penalty are to replace the Bloodlust/Obsession/Prankster nature and overconfidence that are part of the GT template.

Size: Medium
Base Speed: 9m

Automatic Language: Guervin, Ithklur

+2 to Spot
Dark Vision (P397 THB)
+2 Animal Handling (they like pets)
+2 Crafts (they love arts and working on their possession to "embellish" them)
Claws attacks (1d6)
Tail slaps (1d4)

As they are very spiritual being and their rank in society is defined by how well they practice their beliefs, I've decided that they need SOC/2 ranks in K/Theology, or the inverse, their SOC cannot be more than 2xK/Theology.

Another feature that is mentioned in GT:Alien Race 3 is that they have two hearts. didn't find anything that would fit in terms of bonus. Maybe it would only helps them when aging (hearts less stressed by age?)

So, any ideas, suggestions?

EDIT: fixed the weight so it DOES average on 180kg
I would recommand that the Ithklur Bodyguard be very compliant to the sexy owner of the "Aleivu IInami" and obeys every whim of her. And that he has some astronavigation skills....

For the heart, I heartily recommand that you give the Ithklur a few extra lifeblood points. Extra heart seems to indicate in science-fiction that the alien race has some organ redundancy and is better suited to survive very dangerous environments.
And that's what you get when your player's are on the same Board as you...



Thought about the Lifeblood, but considered it included in the +2 CON (gives +2 lifeblood and many stamina as well)

I've decided to include some racial feat(s) which I'll disclose on another date because of said players ;)

Also, the Ithklur MUST take Craft/* as one of his Homeworld Skill, and have in it at least as much rank as he has character levels. I figure that an Ithklur that doesn't know any craft isn't very high on the social ladder, and the more experience it has in the world, the better his Craft would be.

Those restrictions (K/Ithklur Theology and Craft/*) would balance the feats and make them something other than just being killing machines, although they're very good at that too
If you don't believe me, just try to make a 10th level Ithklur Marine while having to spend at least 10 Skill points in craft and about 5-6 skill points in K/I. Theology... It HURTS a LOT. Be sure He'll recitate many verse while carving intricate patterns on your skin in a melee
I really believe that the +2 con is not necessary. It's not that they get tougher with age, it's that they survive shock better.

Perhaps give a Fortitude bonus only?

I'm sorry if I read your board... It's only that there is only one good board, and it's this one
Np... and sorry if I edit my msg 4 times in a row ;)

I've derived the +2 CON from the Gurps:Traveller book and the second heart. I've held back somewhat on the Strenght tho, wouldn't want that kind of brute having +4 STR like Ursas. Even the Sydites have only +2...

By the way, Welcome Aboard
The feat is called great fortitude. It gives a bonus of +2 fortitude save. It is actually a greater bonus than what a +2con would do. It would represent the second heart better (imho).

It's one of those feats that noone ever take.

There is also the endurance feat, but it tends also to apply to lung intensive activities like holding your breath. Two hearts is certainly helping the blood flow (increased circulation) but it must could that they need more oxygen than humans...
I agree for Great Fortitude, but then +2 CON gives you +1 FORT (because +2 in a stat = +1 in its bonus) AND it also gives you +1 Stamina/level AND +2 LifeBlood.

I wanted to give them less feats if it was possible.

I've already made one and he's a Fine Machine. I didn't push the STR/DEX/CON with Stat Increase, because I would've made a MONSTER

21 STR is a bit too much, as is 21 CON or 20 DEX.

And he needed some Skill Points ;p because there aren't much left after his skills. (marines = nearly unskilled, in T20 skill terms)
Just saw this, and had a comment or two, primarily about the stats:

It's common for the D20 System to give stat modifiers in multiples of two, to prevent min/maxing. Looking at the same source, I would rough out this as a brief conversion:

* Str +4, Dex +2, Con +2, -2 Wis, -2 Cha.
* All Ithklur begin as 2nd level characters with 1000xp (1 Alien level + their first class level).
* Ithklur have a base movement rate of 9m.
* Medium-size. Ithklur receive no special bonus or penalty due to their size.
* Acute Taste and Smell: Ithklur receive a +2 racial bonus to Spot checks due to the sensitivity of their senses.
* Ithklur enjoy a +1 BAB when attacking with their claws or tail. An unarmed Ithklur may make two claw attacks (1d4+STR modifier in damage each) as a full round action, a single claw attack (1d4+STR modifier in damage) as a standard action, or may try to slam an opponent with his tail (1d6+STR modifier in damage) as a standard action each round.
* Ithklur possess darkvision out to 54m (60').
* An Ithklur's hide grants them a +1 natural armor bonus to AC and armor rating.
* Racial skills: Ithklur receive a +2 racial bonus to all Animal Empathy, Appraise and P/Gardener skill checks.
* Spiritual Reverance: Among other Ithklur, the character's Social Standing is the lesser of his Social Standing or 10 plus the character's K/Theology skill check total.
* Automatic Languages: Ithklur, Gurvin.

Spiritual Reverance was designed to address the previously stated requirement of K/Theology skill ranks for Social Standing and levelling.

In addition, to emphasize the spiritual aspect of the culture, I'd place a K/Theology skill rank requirement on all Ithklur racial feats that are available.

The goal here wasn't to make a comprehensive interpretation of GT stats in T20 format (though I did the best I could), but rather to provide something that allows the spirit of the Ithklur to be played without a slavish devotion to game mechanics.

Hope this helps,
Second thought on the stats:

If you don't want to use the stat modifiers given above, try these instead:

* Str +2, Con +2, Wis -2, Cha -2.

I dropped the Strength and Dex by two, but kept the Con because it reflects the bonus hitpoints given in the racial template, as well as addresses your concern for the double heart scenario. Then, to counter the two +2 bonuses, I added -2 Wis (due to overconfidence and bloodlust) and -2 Cha (due to overconfidence, bloodlust and prankster).

The Alien level still remains based of the natural armor and natural attacks.

Hope this helps,
Thanks for the additionnal infos

I just hope that we`ll see some "official" templates for those soon (i.e: before 2004)
The official Ithklur racial stats are now available in the Gateway PDF. I've given some feedback on some of the presentation and differences from D20 System standards with the various races, but all in all, I think they'll work out fine.

Just thought you'd want to know,
Originally posted by Flynn:
Just thought you'd want to know,
Well, since I've bought GW pdf two days ago, I know

I was surprised to see that they weren't mentionning anything about their crafts... oh well...