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questions for earletrais


jatay, philosophical professor at imperial acadedmy of sophantology

Plese be patient I want to learn, not fight a duel.
In the first place I am not sure that Fteir is completely alien to Human thought-moral codes have a family resemblence.
In the second place I am guessing that Aslan don't keep Fteir that much better than humans keep their equivalents.
However how do Aslan reconcile honor with the demands
of power politics.
Take ritualized warfare
I realize that Aslan that live near humans adapt their warrior's code to the human one out of need to survive-the human "warriors code" is again not completly different from various versions of the Aslan one, except for ritual warfare.
But again ritual warfare seems to have a problem. It serves well, if bloodily, for land disputes. But what of a straight out war of aggression? I can't believe those are unknown-desire for land is to strong.
Does the aggresor simply manufacture a greivance, as humans sometimes do? And how do they fight. What if the agressor refuses to fight by the local rules for instance. No doubt that is dishonorable, but it is also impractical to challenge a conqueror to a duel.
And how do clans get intelligence? Do they simply deal with local rogues while scorning them. For instance in Terra, a Solomani Ko of Clan France named Napolean when asked to give honor to his spymaster, replied "gold is all that's good for a spy". Do Aslan behave in a simmilar manner?
There are many questions that could be asked.