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Psionics ? ?


Here's one I haven't seen anyone ask yet. How are psionics going to work in T20. I ask because I have one player who I guarantee will want to try psionics right out of the gate. And please tell me you aren't going to use the Psionics Handbook as a template. Our group has been less than thrilled with the results of that bit of work.
Psionics should work pretty much the same as in CT, but will be special feats. These will only be able to be taken by those trained in Psionics.

You will still have to locate a Psionics Institute and be tested and trained, though we have added a chance of being a 'Natural Talent'. Even with Natural Talent, a character will have to be trained to use anything more than the most rudimentary abilities.

Of course, Psionics predjudice in the Imperium is still pretty high...


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