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Psionic special that broke the game.

I had a strong psi character in a MegaT. game that rolled box cars for psi strength and then threw boxcars for special, then eleven for teleportation, then eleven for Awareness, then ten for telepathy. Since I was tested as a teen the GM also gave me a +2 to my psi strength for having a 12 INT.

Anyway, I ended up breaking the game because of the special the GM decided on my having, the ability to "talk" to electronic devices, which we labeled Cyberpathy. If it was electrical, and controlled by some kind of code, or computer language. I could "talk" to it. I spent years developing my Psi-powers, even did 5 terms in the marines, Commando. Won many awards, including 3 SEH's, due to bonuses my DM gave me for using my Psi to survive. Fianlly, I had my Cyber powers maxed out. I had also taken skills in Computer, admin, business, and trade. I had also obtained a source of anagothics. I also did not lose any stat points during my two sets of checks.

Now to the meat of how I broke the game. Using my psi powers and knowledge of computers and business/admin, I started monitoring tranactions involving rich people through less secure access points, and recorded their codes. I spent several years working for major banking agencies, obtaining dozens of codes of very rich people and Mega corps, and lesser, but still wealthy Corps.

I then started embezzling, setting up dummy accounts that bounced money around and eventually into my accounts. the dummy accounts were set to self delete after 3 to 5 transactions were relayed through them. I did this for ten years. After accumulating over 26 trillion credits, using the embezzling and the insider trading info I obtained from ease dropping for some awesome investment opportuniites, I bought myself a noble patent of Marquee for the world of Emerald in the Jewell sector. I spent 12 years upgrading that world to be TL16, across the board, including my massive shipyards. I had also built a large contingent, or two, of naval warships, and support craft, all with Jump 5 capabililties. With huge fuel tankers I could use them to jump deep into an enemy territory, attack, and return. The Zhodani were near by. I knew they were very rich in psionic resources, so I also had my ships equipped with psi-shielding. I still had a back door into every ships control systems. I had also recruited some very good psi-talent for my own purposes, one of which made him like grandfather, in that he was a super genius (his "special", and only, psi power), and was an awesome researcher, working exclusively for me, and had an ego well fed by me.

Needless, to say the GM knew he had a huge gaming headache on his hands, that was only going to get worse. So he ended the game.
Hmm, a ref who added +2 Psi on his own initiative to an already-strong character, created a new psi talent, then ended the game because (surprise!) it became unbalanced. Doesn't sound like a good ref.
Actually, the talent is suggested in the MegaT rules. He gave the +2 because that was the only way he could make sense of the implication in the MegaT rules, that you could somehow be more powerful if you recieved your training before you turned 18.

But yeah, he reaped what he sowed, I just wish I could have reaped more of what I was sowing in that game.

Oh well.
Originally posted by Merchant Reaper:
Actually, the talent is suggested in the MegaT rules. He gave the +2 because that was the only way he could make sense of the implication in the MegaT rules, that you could somehow be more powerful if you recieved your training before you turned 18.

But yeah, he reaped what he sowed, I just wish I could have reaped more of what I was sowing in that game.Oh well.
Hmmmm. Sounds like he made a decison and never thought it thru first.
Since they were legit rolls, it sounds like ye had a powerful solo playin Pc there... How well did he work in a group? (other players)
As a GM, I'd have had some fun with you, young man..(evil grin)...
Suitable challenges exist in MT for a PSI PC within the Imperium, post FFW...the least of which are PSI hating folks..
" Down to Gehenna or up to the Throne/ He travels the Fastest, who travels Alone!"-Leslie Fish Song." He Travels The fastest"

PS Yer GM quit on ya. Hmm speaks well of him..(NOT!)...Lack Of Imagination..(LOI)!
Seems like the ref forgot the first rule when dealing with powerful characters,
There is always someone more powerful and nastier out there, who will strike at the worst possible moment. And he has friends.
If I'd been the gm you'd had ta deal w/corporate bounty hunters looking in to where the $$$$ went,Corporate wars (if your shipyard was that big sevearl shipyards would have tryed to cut you down to size,& last but nit least the Imperium wanting to know how a Imp. Marine (even with good investments) could gain that much $$$$.MOJ &/or IBIS would have been on the job.
Hope you had good security,rich folk make good kiddnap victims.Your gm gave up to easy.
Yeah, he did. I only played with two other people. They were more than happy to come along for the ride. They were my security, as well as help me plan everything out.

Yes, there were bigger and badder out there, they were the Zhodani, and I was willing to even pick on them. I was itching to. But the GM whimped on us. Alicia and John were willing to keep going too. Figured I had gotten them this far, so why not see where we could go, or go down in flames trying.
It was a GURPS Traveller game. We started a game with a new GM (he had run CT but he had never run GURPS before). We had an unashamed power gamer in the group. He talked the GM to upping the points level to start. Then he dumped all his points into Psi power and Psi skills, all Telepathy related. Stuff like Mins Scan, Suggestion and Mind Control.

I told the GM it was a bad idea to let this particular player get that powerful, but he didn't listen.

The whold game became one giant "These aren't the 'droids you're looking for." NOTHING was a chalange because this one player just read everyone mind. We tried to get him to change his character, seeing as the campaign was so obviously broken. Aster all, there were four other players, andthe way the campaign was rolling out, they were all turning into that one player's NPCs. He refused, and the GM ended the champaign.

I TOLD him so.....
I had a powerful special(a merchant) in my group but didnt know what his special was(at least he didnt ;) )Then a clerk stole his mining claim ,and he had to track down the clerk(never steal from a merchant or a thief..its painful to watch
)Needless to say,He was annoyed with the clerk.Our group was interrogating him and the wallpaper started to peel,5 rips in the mattress went 4 feet when we didnt get the answers we wanted.by the time we adjourned to the bathroom holding him over a full bathtub,with each of us with the electrical appliance of our choice(toaster,vcr,radio,hairdryer etc.)we realised the clerk was psionic and of course we had absolutely no sympathy for the little ⬛⬛⬛⬛.Later he(the special) realised he was psionic
and needed training to control his powers,poltergeist is a terribly damaging problem everytime you get pissed damage occurs to the ship your making payments on
Oh we were screwing with lsp in the campaign because(we could)of the anti psionic bias,hsi idea was everytime he saw an LSP sign hed spray paint it so that it became ESP,then he had a sticker made up to put it underneath it"ESP:WE know what u want b4 you do"Needless to say LSP stock suffered in the spinward marches markets
If I had been the GM of that game in which you amassed 26 Trillion Credits, the IMoJ and INI would both have been after you before too long, not to mention ONI, Domain of Deneb (headed by my boss, and reporting directly to Lord Norris), which is DECIDEDLY proficient at its task, and you'd have been up the proverbial Manure Creek sans a paddle of TP. At the first sign of Navy building, your consternation would have been exponentially increased with the arrival on your doorstep of the IN 214th Fleet (you wouldn't have stayed long on Jewell). Add into this the meddling into your personal affairs by the various Internal Security infrastructures of the various MegaCorporations you so unwisely chose to steal from, and I'm relatively certain your psi-empowered character would start to come down with any number of physical maladies.

I can assure you that INI and IMoJ both are in the resources to parry quite well with your character, psi-wise and monetarily, not to mention the firepower. You'd have never amassed one tenth of the tonnage you purport to have obtained, and these forces would have chased you far to Spinward before you were able to say, "What the F---?!?"

Perhaps you may have secured some sort of psi-lover asylum agreement with the Zhodani, but, in the end, even they would have been bought off, and you would either be taken in or taken out, by your old buddies in the Commandos, no less.

In effect, were I your GM, I would have ensured you had a dose of reality... LOL

All in all, though, more power to ya. It sounds like you had fun, even if your Ref was a chump... hehehe ;)


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