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Here are T20 stats for Babylon 5 PPG's:

PPG Pistol:
Cost: 600 cr.
TL: 15
Weight: 0.5 kg
Rate of Fire: 1
Range Increment: 20m
Damage(Crit.): 2d8(19-20/x2)
Size: S
Ammo: Power cap good for 12 shots, ammo weight negligible, cost 60 cr per cap.

PPG Rifle:
Cost: 1500 cr.
TL: 15
Weight: 2 kg
Rate of Fire: 1 or 4 (burst)
Range Increment: 50m
Damage(Crit.): 2d8(19-20/x2)
Size: L
Ammo: Power cap good for 24 shots, ammo weight 250 grams, cost 90 cr per cap.