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Power Development


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This isn't going into my last power thread as batteries aren't an unusual or uncommon form of power storage, quite the opposite!

Reading about a more efficient battery that could come in at half the weight of current models with a similar output reminds me of the Tech Stages in BBB2. I've only used the changes in stages of tech available to players a few times, mainly when it's moved a plot point along or has been important to exposition during a session. Additionally, I normally handwave battery power unless it's important to the plot in the scenario.

Who uses either of those things? Tech stages showing improvement in items that PCs or their antagonists have, and power held in batteries...
I use tech level batteries in a few places. Smaller vehicles and robots use batteries, and they make particular sense in non-oxygen environments where fuel cells won't cut it. They're also a lot cheaper than fusion plants. Lasers and other powered weapons are another place I consider them, as high tech batteries just have more oomph than lower tech ones for the same weight/size. It gives another way for me to make high tech devices dependent on the higher tech. (Imagine charging a NFC cell phone when NFC chargers aren't around. Sure, for NOW they can use cords, but...)
Considering that we have both foresight and hindsight, it's situational.

Power plants provide a sustained energy pool to draw from, especially the baseload; you can use batteries for peak demand.
Batteries are also a stealth item if you have complicated enough detection to distinguish between a powered up Fusion plant with heat and EM and possibly neutrinos and a small sensor/computers/minimal life support hideaway going.