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Posted new deckplans

I just made a yahoo group to post plans. Not saying it's the best place, but it's FREE. Please take a look at my plans, and let me know what you think. Membership is auto approved, it is only for me to tell the amount of interest in the site. All plans are in the photo section. Go to full size to see the details. You have to enlarge twice.


Let me know what kinds of plans you would like to see. Ships not larger than 1000T work best but I can do larger. The Marine Berthing plan is a portion of a 25000T Landing Craft Orbital Assualt that I am working on. Thanks
Yes, I have posted some there. In the file section. I felt alittle giulty for filling up space. I posted about 6MB in one day. 20% of the max space.
Hi Pockets,

I had a look at your deckplans when they went up on the deckplans page, nice work and well thought out.

If you are still feeling guilty, now that you have staked a claim and opened your own shipyard, you could always go back and delete the plans posted there and put a link to your page in the links area. Maybe keep your most recent design in the plans folder with a note to see the link for more.
Thanks, I'll do that. I have also fixed a bug in my group. I was not aware that only moderators can see the photos full sized. I have posted the plans in small size in my photo section. Then in the Files section in .zip format full sized. So that people can download and print for their use. If anyone needs a plan or design let me know.
Very good Site!