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Plasma and Fusion Guns (Ship mounted)


Is it just me, or do the ship mounted plasma and fusion guns seem a bit short in the range department? In HG, energy weapons were "short range only". but HG had only two ranges... long and short.

With a listed range of 4500km (1/3 of a strategic scale hex, or 6 tactical scale hexes IIRC), these are tactical weapons only. Granted, they are nasty customers in the damage department, HG was very simplistic in some cases, and plasma disperses quickly... but this sort of range makes them weapons for the heavilly armored brawler (or the incredibly gutsy free trader).

Under HG, the fusion gun was at least usable in combat at "short range". Now, at a range of one hex (strategic) it has a net -6 penalty to hit (~3 range bands, -2 per band... assuming I'm reading things correctly). Wouldn't a closer fit be a 15000km range band (half of the beam laser)? Or was the intent to make the energy weapons into tactical weapons only?
On the other hand, they do a huge amount of damage once into their effective range.

I pictured them on fighters and as anti-fighter weapons. They are also for Q-Ships and those with big engines (who can choose the range).

One good thing about it is that there is a reason why military vessels would still mount lasers/laser batteries.

Although I do agree that the range is very very short, I kind of like it. I haven't actually "tested" it in combat yet - Might be time to get out the Billiant lances map.