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Personal Avatar

No, unfortunately Moderators & the elect few have that capacity. Maybe Hunter will institute something like that in the future. In the meantime, you could try PM'ing him but he seems to have gone on another walkabout.
I PMed Andrew with a similar question some time ago. I don't think he's read it yet. ;)

It would be nice to have a personal Avatar. I have one on other sites. I could easily email it to a moderator...

Mind you, my last brush with moderators got me Blackaddered. :( ;)
He has, but he never got around to sorting it out, and Hunter's now demoted us acting-Admins to mere Mods, so it's too late.
Sounds like some hefty politics going on. This was just a question, don't want anyone being blacklisted. Just thought I would ask. I do a lot of art and thought people might want something personal.
Originally posted by Kharum1:
don't want anyone being blacklisted.
Just read this. Not blacklisted, Blackaddered. It's an in-joke about a UK comedy show starring Rowan (Mr Bean) Atkinson. It was just a practical joke at the time, no harm was done.

No idea how political Avatars are though. :(
You should be able to go into your profile, select Change Avatar and be able to enter a link to a custom avatar.



Please don't open that airlock Hunter.

At least not without some kind of sensible guidelines. I've seen other forums that allow any avatar and all you end up with are a bunch of animated graphics and huge border stretching monstrosities.

Just my opinion. I'd hope most of the people here are sensible but all it takes is one...
Originally posted by Kharum1:
What is the size limit?
The size of mine max, preferably the size of the standard ones which I believe are 64x64

Originally posted by Kharum1:
What is the size limit?
Hey, Dan! Your worst nightmare is happening already!

Please Hunter, severely limit the size and/or complexity of the avatars. I've seen boards with huge flashing avatars, movie/game banner ads as 'sig lines', and loads of simiilar useless, worthless, 'art' piggybacked onto nearly every post. You end up downloading a megabyte or more of 'flash' featuring some anime character just read the 1 kb 'Ditto' the knucklehead in question wrote.

Well actually at the moment only Moderators and Admins can use the custom avatars. If I do open it up to members I can limit the sizes.

What I've been doing up till now is just having you send it to me via email and I add it to the ones available to everyone.

I'm fine with that. I'm not into all the flash stuff. I just like doing artwork. As I said earlier, if this is going to cause a lot of headaches don't bother. I'll keep one of the standards avatars.
Like I said, if there is one you want to email to me I can put it in the general pool of avatars, but then someone else would also be able to use it.