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PBEM Player Wanted


SOC-14 1K
Hi guys,

One of my players is taking a sabbatical for a month or two and I
need someone to take over a Steward character.

If you like the game, I can arrange for a permanent character

It's a non-canon Classic Traveller alternative universe in which a 400dT trading vessel
is trying to establish a new route beyond the Imperial rim.
Sounds interesting - I'm a long-time owner of the LBBs, with little actual play experience. How fast does the game run? I mean how many emails per day (or other timescale)?
Hi Tinker,

Thanks for your reply.

In the last month I've had a number of replies by private email, and I've currently got more players than I can handle - plus a short waiting list. I'll be happy to contact you in the future if a vacancy arises or I create more characters.

I think 'other timescale' is more appropriate for our group. We all have busy real-life commitments and we post typically 20 - 80 messages a month. Not quite postal chess, but not far off!
A number of us have a similar experience background, so no worries there.
If you're still interested I'll jot you down on the waiting list.

Edit: I just noticed it's your first post - welcome citizen!
not to worry. Thanks for the reply. "other timescale" suits me better than trying to fit multiple posts a day around my job. Hopefully I'll find a game to join soon. Good luck with yours.

I guess I can use my terrible pun now. "That Icosahedron is a regular guy".