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Origins Traveller Seminars

Ben W Bell

SOC-14 1K
Peer of the Realm
I was reading through some of my old Travellers Digests last night and they advertise for sale a set of videos on seminars given by Marc Miller and others at Origins 88. A 5 hours set of videos on Traveller. Has anyone seen these? Do they exist? Are they obtainable?
I saw part of one in the early '90s and from what I remember they are, at best, marginally interesting. A lot of it was actually DGP personnel expounding on their ideas.
Can there be actually copies out there? I thought it was something that they promised but never released? Perhaps, Hunter you could find out? I am still curious to what you elude to as "Marc's standards" for releasing the DGP stuff, for the projects that I was thinking of commencing...