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ORBIS 5 (aka ImpEx Vision), a 200 dTon Mobile Teaching Hospital



I've created deck plans for a 200 dTon Mobile Teaching Hospital converted from a Far Trader and inspired by the real ORBIS.

The deck plans are available at:


The background appears below. Please let me know what you think.


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Ship Description / Background

In the year 905 of the Third Imperium, a minor noble from the Glimmerdrift
Reaches, Baron Hakar, took a grand tour of historic sites in the Solomani
Rim Sector. On his stop to Sol, he chanced across historical records
detailing the work of an ancient organization dedicated to restoring sight
to those not fortunate to live where first class medical facilities were
commonplace. Inspired by the records and looking for a purpose, Baron Hakar
decided to recreate the organization, ORBIS.

After humble beginnings, ORBIS has grown considerably. Starting with only
the Baron's yacht, ORBIS now has 7 small starships that are dedicated to
bringing more advanced eye surgery techniques to less developed worlds.

Each ORBIS ship has been converted to a mobile teaching hospital complete
with a surgery suite, recovery room, classroom, and technical support shop.
Most ships are converted Far Traders since the J2 range is very helpful
in reaching systems off of the mains.

The ORBIS ships travel to less developed worlds where the surgeons perform
needed eye surgeries, teach local medical staff how to best perform eye
surgeries given their local tech level, and repair local equipment in the
technical support shop. A typical visit to a world last 2 months, and the
ship usually travels to a new site on the planet each week or two.

ORBIS ships are typically crewed by retired medical, scout, merchant, or
navy personnel. Some are volunteers while others are employed (at
reduced rates) by ORBIS.

ORBIS gets support from major medical supply corporations and some shipping
lines. In particular, the ImpEx courier service provides free maintenance
at its bases and even donated the 5th ORBIS ship, ORBIS 5 aka ImpEx Vision.

The ImpEx Vision is a 43 year old, converted Princess Kyuseita class
Far Trader (formerly the Lady Gyrel). To execute the conversion, the
ImpEx engineers:
- Converted the main cargo hold into a mobile hospital with:
- a surgery suite
- a recovery suite
- a class room
- a technical support/engineering shop
- a reception and prep areas
- Converted the two port crew cabins into an isolation sickbay
- Converted the captain's quarters into a conference room

The ImpEx Vision retains 19 tons of cargo space split between a rear cargo area
and storage in the former cargo locks.

The ImpEx Vision does retain the T-12 fuel purification plants.

Though a clearly marked medical vessel, the ImpEx Vision is armed with
two dual turrets, each containing a sandcaster and a beam laser.

The ship is crewed by 3 doctors, 5 nurses, 3 ship's crew, and 2 technicians.
The crew are housed in the former passenger quarters and the starboard
crew cabin. The cabins are double occupency except for the one occupied
by the chief physician/captain.

In T20 terms:
Replace 66 tons of cargo with:
- 6 tons T-12 fuel purification plant
- 12 tons classroom
- 8 tons operating suite
- 8 tons recovery suite
- 2 tons prep suite
- 6 tons technical support/repair shop
- 4 tons examination clinic/reception
- 1 tons 2 freshers
- 19 tons cargo

Replace 2 cabins with 1 sickbay.
Excellent work, Ron. Your deckplans are quite nice.

I presume that there is a separate waiting room, probably outside the ship, for people waiting for examinations. I would also think that there are more examination rooms outside. Even if the main purpose of the ship is to provide a place for surgery those patients have to be evaluated before and after. I saw the tour of the ORBIS and they must do something similar.

I would also suggest that you make the invasive operating room a bit smaller (it's unlikely that they would operate on three passengers at the same time), and make space for the laser surgery suites.

The ORBIS doesn't seem to have space for the chairs and the equipment that is used for more delicate examinations, like retinal angiograms that are always done before laser surgery. We could presume that for your ship, with the higher technology these just take less space.

Surgery-prep is probably the sub-sterile room, right? If it is, it should connect directly to the operating suite so the surgeons can just go from scrubbing to the suite.

I would also consider re-labeling the recovery room as pre and post-op since that's more likely where the patients are kept before and after surgery. Thinnking about it, that room and the operating suite should be kept adjacent, so if you decide to add the laser surgery suites, maybe you can place them at the end of the hallway. For most retinal laser surgery the patient just sits there with his head immobilized while the ophtalmologist fires away. Sometimes the orbital muscles are also paralyzed, but that is just done if the patient cannot keep his eyes still.

All in all, a very nice ship. Dr. Talbek would not mind operating here at all. ;P
As always, your ships are well-designed with excellent backgrounds. Thank you, and I hope you don't mind if I incorporate a version of this into a campaign I'm writing up!
Sir Ron,

Excellent! Excellent! Were our Master of Starship not of such omnipresent peerage, he would most definitely be out of the job! Hmmm... Perhaps an accident... Such attention to detail and thouroughness! Kudos!!


Thanks for the kind words and suggestions.
I'll probably tweak the plans a bit. I've also been toying around with a "Doctors without Frontiers" version, but I may wait to apply that conversion to the subsidized merchant plans that I'm drafting now.