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Operational Capital Ship Combat

We're looking more towards War at Sea or Victory in the Pacific with their zones and areas than naval/space games with hexes.

The Traveller combat game is operational in nature, to the point where each system offers one or more "points of interest". Notably gas giants and main worlds. But there could certainly be other points of interest.

Gas giants are only interesting because of their resources, notably fuel for the fleet.

But the key factor, is that these points of interest are fixed objects within the system that are worth taking or defending. Only at these points will combat occur.


These are the points of interest.

Each turn is a week, a fleet can jump at the start of a turn, and arrive in another system, at any specific PoI, at the beginning of next turn. In system, a fleet can move from one PoI to another in 1 week, sans jump.

Obviously some PoI are closer than a week, others are farther. But keeping to the 1 weeks mechanism keeps it "close enough" and simple.

Opposing fleets in the same PoI engage each other, at what ever level of detail you want. High Guard, of course, is perfect for this. Line up the ships, throw salvoes of blaster bolts across the void, chalk up kills, move to the next round.

Fleets can mutually agree not to fight. Fueling happens after fighting. So, a fleet can jump in, defeat the local forces, and then fuel all in the same turn.

Now couple this two exellent posts, cook them toguether, spice it a little, any you might have a good starting point for a movement system that may be at once simple and fun...