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Opening an EBAY for art...What would you like to see?

bryan gibson

Absent Friend
Within the next week, I will be making available to EBAY ( and posted here in the Auctions threads) a variety of works.

Time to sell some stuff, the studio wants cleaning, and this looks a fine way to do it.

The content will be old work and new, published and unpublished. A great deal ranges from Fanatasy, Published Trav Art, unpublished Trav art and sketches, SF non Trav, conceptuals and non genre drawings.

Medium will be ranging from watercolor to pen and ink to pencil.

Some is old Trav conceptuals, from 2300, 1889, Trav Classic and Megatrav, as well as work for Agents of Gaming and others.

Subjects include tech drawings, ship designs, characters, action shots, model sheet and cartoons.

All are the original pieces.

Prices will vary from as low as 20 dollars to whatever the market will bear, but starting as high as 300 dollars for some paintings.

The question is this: what do you, the trav fans, like? whats of interest? what would you like to see up in the auctions?

Inquireing minds want to know!