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Old Expanses Sector



I am just about to start a CT game set in Old Expanses sector, and had a few questions.

1 - Is there any useful material I am missing? I have High Passage 3 - 5, are 1 & 2 worth looking up? (I've also got the FASA Double Adventure, one of which was set in Old Expanses.)

2 - What is the Dethenes Technical Alliance? (Might be answered in HP 1 or 2 - any information would be useful, a piece of extracted 'Library Data' would be great.)

3 - Anyone used Old Expanses before for a Classic game? Any ideas, tips or stories?

Yes HP 1 & 2 are worth getting, although 2 is better than Issue 1 (and more common / cheaper.

the old expanses was covered in the travellers Digest (one of the issues between about 13-15). It had the exboat map, library data, 1 subsector + adventure etc). I will find out which issue.

The only other thing is the atlas of the imperium for the maps / UWPs although you can get the same info on the BARD site at Downport.

The Reformation Coalition of TNE fame was based in the Old Expanses sector. While not completely relevant, some of the TNE supplements have details of the pre-collapse UWPs for several of the sub-sectors.
This link may be of some use.
The information I have for the Old Expanses is below. It came from a web site that I can’t find any more which listed all the published information for each sector. Thanks to whoever did this and sorry I can’t give you credit.

Classic Traveller
Sector map in Atlas of the Imperium
Dethenes (A) subsector in High Passage No. 1
So Skire (O) subsector in High Passage No. 2
Dethenes (A) and Ile (H) subsectors in High Passage No. 3
Ahrhi (C) subsector in High Passage No. 4
Shenk (J) subsector in High Passage No. 5
Dethenes (A) subsector, xboat map and library data in Travellers’ Digest No. 12

Traveller Next Era
Thoezennt (I) and Shenk (J) subsectors in Star Vikings
I, J, M and N subsectors in Path of Tears

Hope that this is of some help.

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