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New Traveller:TNE game

Attention RCES Terpsichore this is the Captain of the far-trader Empress Poppaea.

I understand you are hiring and I believe I have some skills you'll find useful if not vital. Scuttlebutt in port is you'll be operating in Guild space, well I have some experiance there, until recently I was trading in that region. That's part of the reason I'm looking for a job, I need funds to make the Empress spaceworthy again. Just give me a call, my comlinks always on, or drop by orbital slot 36, I'll be here.

Everbody just calls me far-trader, it's eaisier than my full name.
Originally posted by Chron:
can you take newb players with no previous Traveller experience or knowledge of the game ?
Well it's not really my place to say, but I vote we hire him/her, there's a nice red-shirt uniform that aughta fit ;)

Seriously though, did you follow the link and just apply to join the group, heck if they took me they'll let anyone in ;)

Well, sounds to me like you could use an experienced engineer. I'm fully certified on all major ship systems and know cryo-systems inside and....well, from the inside. I don't mind getting grease in my fur, and I'm handy with small arms.

Can be reached via LancerNET

- Aeksarg

Already applied and got accepted, but thought I'd get in on some of the fun. ;)