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New Traveller Game: "Planetfall"


Hi Everyone,

I'm working on developing a new Traveller miniatures game called "Planetfall," which will be featuring a game module for The Fifth Frontier War. The game is miniatures-based and features tactical and grand tactical combat in a simply, easy-to-learn format.

If you are interested in becoming a playtester or simply keeping an eye on the project as it develops, please check out this support group for the game:


I have already spoken with Marc Miller of Far Future Enterprises and have a working license / agreement with Marc and Far Future Enterprises.

I welcome any interest and am happy to answer any questions that anyone might have.

Hi Guys,

Right now, one of the key goals is to provide a good tactical miniatures game for Traveller and detail Traveller military operations.

The Zhodani, for instance, have very little hard information available about their lift armor or troops. Most of what is known is sketchy at best.

Many of the other Traveller aliens also have very sketchy views of their militaries. I hope that the "Planetfall" project can add some more colour to the Traveller universe and be a good fun game, to boot!

I'll be running another playtest game tonight (15 November 2005) simulating a small unit skirmish (about 100 units) tonight in a Fifth Frontier War scenario.

A tattered Imperial force (Army and Marines) will defend against a marauding Zhodani force composed of Zho Regular Army, Consular Guard and Commandos. the Imperials are in a "last stand" situation trying to protect the Regina spaceport so that Imperial nobility can escape. Rumors have it that among the hopeful escapees is a certain Duke Norris...