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New CT flavor skill: "Culinary"


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This is a new flavor skill for CT.

The skill of 'Culinary' indicates skill and proficiency in preparing and cooking consumable foods and beverages.

An individual with a high level of Culinary skill is able to turn otherwise unpalatable or semi-edible raw foods into more palatable forms. This will often be the case when characters attempt to sample alien foods, especially those which are not readily digestible by the species in question.

Referee's discretion: a steward or character with a high level of Culinary skill (3+) may also attempt to use the skill in creating 'stat-enhancing' foods and beverages. In such cases, the chef is assumed to have a a working knowledge of advanced culinary science. Hence, beverages such as "energy booster shakes" may lead to temporary increases in attributes (e.g. +2 Endurance for 30 minutes). This has a similar effect to the booster drugs described in Book 2.

For each batch or attempt in processing such foods and beverages, it is suggested that a 2d6 throw of 8+ should be made for success in the creation of attribute-enhancing edibles. A DM of +1 per Culinary skill level applies. A failed dice throw means that the batch created will not provide any enhancements, but this will not be known by the characters until the food/snack is actually sampled. A single batch may take a couple hours to prepare even with the right ingredients. Roll 1d6 to determine the amount of servings.

The availability of these attribute-enhancing edibles should be limited, due to the fact that they often require *expensive* and rare ingredients or additives. This often leads the chefs to travel to distant alien worlds in search of the right ingredients.

The Culinary skill should be used as an optional skill for characters in Classic Traveller who are classified as "stewards". A prime example is the Purser Department in the Merchant Prince supplement (for Merchant career). In this case, the character may be given the option to choose Culinary in place of Steward skill.

Another good example are the Girug'kagh race, described as a subservient steward race to their K'kree overlords. Girug'kagh first appeared in JTAS 21. Additionally, the Referee may bestow this skill on characters who show a genuine interest in the culinary field.

We always assumed that a merchant character with steward skill but who was not comfortable being suave or subservient was allowed to be a good cook. This was a selling point not just for passengers, but also when hiring new crew.

At college, a player condemned to eat at the Northeast cafeteria would cut his pay by 1,000 Cr or more for vicarious gormet meals. The referee ate there so we got really cheap NPCs
As an option I think you can analyse food and tell what ingrediants are in it and be able to come up with a recepe after a few experements.(hmm I taste a hint of numeg in this along with sesame and could it be yes it is beef liver) So a skilled person in culinary would be able to identify the mystry meat. (Hmm a rodent of some sort I think a capebera or guinea pig)

Not to mention experise in tasing beverages. (Hmm that Mogen David is last Tuesday)
I am proof that with any amount of time and a middling level of skill any chimp can be taught how to cook. A lot of this "Master Chef" hogwash is the power of suggestion. All it is is developing a good set of organizational skills and timing. The rest is showmanship.

It may sound bitter, but bear in mind that I get routinely exposed to people that think they are some sort of connesiuer after reading an issue of food and wine.
I seem to remember seing "cookery" (or something) shown as an example of a minor skill on Freelancetraveller, something to flesh your character out.

Vargr Stick Chasing - 4

^ It will be a big sport I tell you