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New civilizations in TNE 1248

I have three new civilisation types which I developed just as GDW folded, the submissions where heading for the post office as they sailed. These may fit TNE 1248 quite well. They are:
Cryoworlds seemingly dead worlds with large hidden underground populations and many more in low births. The trick is that their willing to covertly interact with other worlds, the Reformation coalition, Regency, etc but thy are not standing up and waving a flag yet their still too vulnerable.
Technocratic barbarians: They look primitive, they look vulnerable but the pack a powerful punch. On worlds where the luddites rule the techno's have everything from self cocking crossbows to jump drive equipped grav sailing craft. "It looked TL 3, So we hit it and it hit back! It sure wasn’t TL 3, Admiral”
The Jump Born: People who have no home world they were born on ship and intend to stay on their ships. The ultimate far traders. A trader/ raider fleet of space born people who may control a subsector without ever submitting to the flag of any one world.
The expanding pockets of civilisation will have to cope with all three as well as the virus, barbarians, Teds and Xenophobes.
Good work, Bruce...also there is an interesting article in one of the Traveller Chronicles that highlight different types of TEDs.

I hope MJD is actively following this section to give more substance to the 1248 Milieu which seems to be shaping up into a very interesting post-Traveller milieu and evolving into a darker more interesting Milieu.

Although, I haven't got my grubby hands on Signal GK...yet. I wonder how much of the cyberpunkish Traveller milieu that inspires makes its way into M:1248?
Funny Bruce...
my campaigns primary world is one of your cryoworlds that woke from its slumber.

Yep, Savage that's a real big cryoworld. Good work. Their past the stealth stage and into the flag waving stage. The fun bit is cryoworld with fewer guns and much more subtlety. With a whole Depot up your sleeve who needs subtlety. ;)
By the way its Wesley or wes not bruce :mad:
Good ideas wes-not-Bruce!<bows> I have used the cryo-world scenario in campaign, as a means of which some 2000-3000 survivors of former Pop 8 world [Dunas/Shenk/Old Expanses] pivoted a once thought open salvage operation into a near instant cry for renewed ties with former doomed trade ancestors on adjacent Mueller. Oh..and how their "finding" played a pivotal political role in the looming RC vs Solee war...

The Jump born--well, I used this idea in how I protrayed the "Free traders network" that opposed the Starfarer's Mercantile Guild. With heavy influences of Citizen of the galaxy [RA Heinlein]; and CJ Cherryh's "merchanter-Earth-Union series".
BUT I like your twist on them!<nods>.
The techno-barbarians--yeahhhhh <evil smile> MUST utilize this one!
The Jump born remind me of the Impies of early TNE. Whereby, a large merchant fleet with an Imperial escort born in the Wilds band together to preserve Imperial Culture but claiming no world of their own.

This ragtag fleet interacts between the Regency and the RC. Keeping a lifeline between the two alive. This was a counterpoint discussion to my use of wormholes as the basis of First Contact. As I said I hope that MJD is following on and this will create more interesting polities. Afterall, I see the prime job of 1248 is to create A New Era.

Work such as yours Bruce gives hope that we not only see a resurrection of the same old Imperium power game but a really new Milieu.

My idea was to have a stalemate and a type of War of the Roses to determine the rise of 4I but it seems like that I will have to put that idea for a pocket empire.
Ok Wes,

Well its not an entire depot. But surviving subsurface class A starports, mothball facility and hundreds of million of cryochambers....did I mention the DMGs. Just enough to punch out a pocket empire.

Problems include vargr and virus run amoke, and a Regency that has fallen into corruption.

Liam Devlin Said:
The techno-barbarians--yeahhhhh <evil smile> MUST utilize this one!

I have a whole bunch of them, I was thinking of sticking them in Ilelish it should be battered enough. The key is technophobia as a robust religion backed up with Psionics and lots of spears. Those who want to rebuild are doing so covertly. The idea is a pocket empire without a detectable heart. A game played form both sides. You could play the Lanea the techno barbarians or the fourth Imperium contact team trying to figure out who's in charge.

PS Liam is that address you've got for real? Keep you head down and Keep it attached.
The key with all three: cryos, tech barbarians and space born is that we will have to tweek the character generation rules to allow them.
Cryos: Stealth and medical feats, -2 for trader (Their out of touch with the new rules)
Techno's: Duel Techlevel feat, Acting feats, Camoflage skills, low technology skills.
Space born: UWP C-000278-10+ Trader network feat, Virus hunter Feat, Gunnery skills.
The jump born echos an idea I've had for quite some time; deep spacers people born, or imigrated to space. A couple of examples would be Belters living in a system with no main world. Or a group of people who had taken up residence in a "blank" Hex. Obviously they would have been greatly thinned by the Virus, but it could have also in the intevening 120 Years serve as an incentive for people to leave a planet and not come back. The asteriod only system for example would have no interest for a Vampire, so the risk would be alot less living there. This could even be combined with the cryo approach, not the going to sleep part, but the Lurking part.