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Stellar Reaches Sneak Peek: Polities of the Hinterworlds in 1248...


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Good Morning, All,

I have now created a sector map for the Hinterworlds in 1248, after sending the worlds through Collapse and Recovery and looking for pocket empires. Below are a few working notes on the polities of the New Era Hinterworlds sector, as a sneak peek of what you'll see in the Stellar Reaches Special Supplement.

Please feel free to share your thoughts.


* * * * *

Polities of the Hinterworlds 1248

Tlianke Empire
Recently formed; 11 worlds; Max TL9; Subsector B; Capitol: Tlianke
The Tlianke Empire arose in the 1210s, driven to military conquest by the increasing need for relic technology for its Cym Emperor.

New Anubian Trade Coalition
Well established; 11 worlds; Max TL10; Subsectors B,C; Capitol: Anubis
Struggling to reestablish its former position within the Hinterworlds after their first encounter with Virus devastated them, this pro-psionic Trade Coalition hold Cyms and TEDs (Technologically Elevated Dictators) in great disregard.

Hyam Sovereignty
Well established; 6 worlds; Max TL10; Subsectors C,G; Capitol: Hyam
Formed in the aftermath of the second Viral Wave, the Hyam Sovereignty provides protection for those that have agreed to come under their rule.

Arkon Ascendancy
Well established; 2 worlds; Max TL10; Subsector F; Capitol: Arkon
Isolated from other worlds by a Jump-2 gulf, Arkon established itself as a nominal interstellar polity when it recolonized G-R after the local population died off. The colony was renamed New Arkon, which in turn gave rise to the polity's name of the Arkon Ascendancy.

Briuan League
Well established; 13 worlds; Max TL10; Subsectors F,J,K; Capitol: Briua
While both Nullia and Briua were hit hard by the Virus, only Briua managed to rise from the ashes to re-establish the former glory of the short-lived Nullian League.

Muran Protectorate
Recently formed; 3 worlds; Max TL9; Subsector H; Capitol: Mura
An isolated pocket of three worlds, the Muran Protectorate formed only 20 years ago in response to tech raiders and would-be dictators coming into the area with greater frequency.

Jurisdiction of Allaqua
Recently formed; 5 worlds; Max TL9; Subsector K; Capitol: Allaqua
Formed in 1212 when Allaqua began extending itself towards other worlds in search of technological bounty, the Jurisdiction of Allaqua has remained comfortable with developing its five member worlds and initiating trade with the new polities that have formed in the surrounding region of space.

The Gniivi
Recently rebuilt into sector; 4 worlds (in sector); Max TL9 (in sector); Subsector L; Capitol in adjacent Leonidae sector
A long-lived race, the gniivi of Leonidae sector took the Viral attacks as yet another challenge to be overcome, and have slowly regain a number of their former worlds, extending themselves back into the Hinterworlds sector in recent years.

Dahlian Commonwealth
Well established; 50 worlds; Max TL11; Subsectors K,N,O,P; Capitol: Dahlia
While others were set back by their encounters with Virus, Dahlia was paradoxically blessed by the Cyms' arrival into the Hinterworlds. Not being part of an established polity at the time, Dahlia was not hit as hard as the established polity worlds, and so was able to recover all the more quickly. With limited competition in the 1180s and 1190s, the Dahlian Commonwealth expanded into space and carved out a new interstellar government focused on reconstruction and economic development. As a result, the Commonwealth has become the largest power to emerge in the Hinterworlds in the aftermath of the Collapse and Recovery.

Tempri Federation
Well established; 3 worlds; Max TL10; Subsector 0; Capitol: Tempri
Established while the Commonwealth was in its infancy, the Tempri Federation remained small and content to fortify its member states, rather than engage in expansionistic and reconstructionist policies in the manner of the Commonwealth to coreward.

Council of Leh Perash
Recently rebuilt into sector; 4 worlds (in sector); Max TL10 (in sector); Subsector P; Capitol in adjacent Leonidae sector
Another polity from Leonidae sector with former member states in the Hinterworlds, the Council has recovered from the Viral Wave and is now reaching back out to its former member worlds. As a result, the Council is slowly rebuilding its presence in the Hinterworlds.

False Start Polities

Alike Brotherhood arose during the late 1100s, only to fall once again in the early 1220s when Alike's technological infrastructure fell. Efforts to rebuild and stabilize Alike's infrastructure continue, and there are thoughts that Alike once again will rise to the position, as diplomats and traders from the recently re-established Cytralian Unity begin to return to their former worlds.

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Looking forward to seeing it - thanks for the teaser Flynn
I'd love to offer a few adventure ideas for each polity given above, to inspire Referees who might need a helping hand. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If you want to consider it a challenge, see if you can come up with one for each polity above, and post it here. The most appropriate suggestions, flavor-wise, will likely see themselves in the Polity article as part of the each polity's description.

Thanks in advance,
I'll check it out and see how it dovetails in with what I've already processed. If it requires me to go back and redo a portion of the UWPs, I think I can somehow manage that.

Thanks for helping me to keep it close to canon,

To ease you mind writing-legalese/ canon wise, the links are Fan based writing. Your writing, like MJD's will vary, even to the name of the Polity there perhaps, and the actual UWP's of that particular subsector.

Go with your version, and get pubbed is my advice. For canon's sake, the past of the polity set there on TNE HB page 79 is a Hiver "stepping-stone" in origin--what it evolved into after the HF withdrew active backing of the RC/ FLW will be entirely your work.

Keep setting stuff on fire!