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My father's passing...

I am a man of faith and I ask My God to be near you and yours at this time of stress and loss.

You have my prayers and my sympathy. This really shows us all how close we are when we pull together to help another through the tough times.
Words fail to fully convey the depths of your loss as well as the fullness of our desire to lift you up; to support you as you go through this trial.

Time will help to lessen the pain but time seems to move more slowly for us as we move away from a trauma like this. I am sure you know the stages of grief you will go through on your way to recovery from this loss. Life will not be the same but perhaps it shall be more precious to all of us who hear about your loss.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

Honor him in the passing, and what manner befits he who inspired you to great things. We here who serve know this burden well.

Blessed be brother,
May his shadow fall in pleasant places. Pass the torch, and the mead horn; recall ever with a smile the goodness this man left upon this earth upon the eve of that day.

Herein fellow forum bretheren, lies what immortality we can give one another.

As ever was,

I am truly sorry to hear of your loss. I know, when my mum passed away it was terrible. It happened under circumstances similar to yours that life is a whirlwind of decisions and lots of loose threads. Anything that I can do, just let me know (I have already lit a candle).
You have my sympathy as well Jason. The dedication of your ezine is a fine tribute and a good remembrance. I look forward to it when you have taken the time you need.
I'm so sorry to have to read this thread at all. Bad news such as this is never welcome. I'm also sorry to have been away from the boards since before you posted it Flynn, and hope that I'm not reopening any pain unto you by only now adding my heartfelt condolences so late. I am fortunate to still have my father, and a good relationship with him too, so clearly cannot understand the pain and grief you must have felt in the past weeks, though I do sympathsize and trust that the many fond memories of your father remain the strongest.

Sincerly Bru.