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Modifying the Design Rules

This question is more about the Open Gaming Liscence then anything else.

I am interested in modifying certain aspects of the starcraft design sequence such as:

1) Adding Computer Programs
2) Adding more detailed and more technically accurate sensor systems
3) Changing and Adding Weapons
4) Changing the Propulsion & Jump technology paradigm

For example, say I am toying with the idea of creating a set of house rules that model the technology set forth in the Honor Harrington series. If I create the rules, I understand that I can use them for my own personal use. What about freely sharing? Can I share them as a set of addendums to the THB design sequences? Obviously there are copyright issues from the onwers of the intellectual property from the original work (Baen books and David Weber). This post is not meant to cover those issues, just the legal aspects of modifying the design sequence relative to QuickLink's property rights. Thanks - Joe
What a charming question.

First, I'm not a lawyer.

Given that - My opinion - If you publicly display something that says "Using the Quicklink design rules, Here is a list of programs and PP costs for each" for example. Then you haven't given away any details of how the Ship design sequence works (check). However you have used details that aren;t in the public domain. I think you would probably maybe be legally covered.

However if you ask hunter, he is 99.99% likely to say "go for it" in which case you are definitely covered. Also if you accidently disclose something that isn;t public, hunters OK means that they still own their IP - so the details (though publicly known) aren;t in the public domain.

Another way to do the same thing:
If you write something like that and "give" it to Quicklink and then they publish it for free: It's still their's so they are covered.

But yes, Baen & Mr Weber would possibly have some issues also.
Just to make the collection of lawyers complete, you also need to get permission from Marc Miller for posting Traveller (or Traveller derived) material to your website.

When/before you get around to doing this, drop Marc a line < inquiry@farfuture.net > and ask. Marc usually requires two lines of legalees to be posted on your website.
Do note that the design sequences are specifically not OGL, so you cannot reuse them in the same way you would with OGL material.
Exactly Tom, that was my point. When I bought T20, a large part of the choice had to do with the billing of T20 as a sort of core rules applicable to a wide range of sci fi settings. For instance, I was already working on a star frontiers mod even with just t20 lite, mostly for fun and personal use. Unlike most here, I could really care less about the Traveller Canon. I simply want to be able to adapt the rules to a setting and share them in a way that if fair and respects the IP rights of Quicklink. Thanks for the input - Joe