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Mistakes in German names


There a some mistakes in the names of german institutions, ships,... for example it´s not "Astronomischen Recheninstitut", but "Astronomisches Recheninstitut"; anyway I don´t know, whether one would name such an institution "astronomical computing institute"...


If you have german text in 2320AD, I could search for mistakes, just in case you have nothing against it...
I remember reading (from the Challenge mag maybe) that there were quite a few mistakes in the French names as well (in 2300AD). I don't speak French, so I really can't tell one way or the other, but I'd like the names (French, German, etc) to actually mean something and be correctly spelled nevertheless.

What little I remember from my German, most of the weapon names (for example) seem to be correctly spelled. However, I've been bothered why the German plasma guns are called "sturmgewehr" instead of "plasmagewehr" (presuming, plasma is spelled "plasma" in German as well); and why the sporting rifle SS-7 is called "scharfshutzen model 7", wouldn't that mean sniper rifle more than sporting/hunting rifle? Oh well, what do I know - it's some 15 years from my German learning days (and I never was good at it).
Sachsen is the correct spelling.

I would call a plama gun "Plasmagewehr". The sniper rifle - in the contemporary austrian army the abbrevation is ssg for "Scharfschützengewehr". A hunting rifle would be a "Jagdgewehr".

If you have a few other german names or phrases, where you are not shure - post them...
I've had some people alreayd go through the German and French, and I've got someone looking at the Mandarin. Some of the mistakes will remain, as they describe some central elements of the setting (the ARI, for instance). Many others will get/are getting corrected. However, if you notice any that seem particularly messy, let me know, and I'll take a look.

Interesting note about weapon names. I'll take a look.

The 2320 playtest file is available in the Moot, if you want to take a look. All it takes is a membership.

2320AD writer
Originally posted by Konradin:

I would call a plama gun "Plasmagewehr".
Fair enough but just because the Germans apparently decided to call their plasmaguns Storm Guns when the were adopted - i.e. by purpose rather than technical aspect doesn't suddenly make the 2300 game 'wrong' only different.
Originally posted by TJP:
and why the sporting rifle SS-7 is called "scharfshutzen model 7", wouldn't that mean sniper rifle more than sporting/hunting rifle?
Even if it did you think the German manufacturers are immune to a bit of 'excitment advertising' when naming their product
Originally posted by Voltaire53:
{snip}...just because the Germans apparently decided to call their plasmaguns Storm Guns...
However, sturmgewehr actually means assault rifle (even if the direct word-to-word translation means "storm gun") and I wouldn't call plasma guns assault rifles. YMMV.
On the subject of German, if I were to name a water feature Albatrosozean (Albatross Ocean) would that be grammatically correct?

On the topic of weapon names, sturmgewehr would be correct for the A-9, as it is designed as a an assault rifle replacement. For the A-4, not so much, though I haven't corrected that yet. I'm currently waiting to get the edit back from Loren Wiseman.

2320AD writer
Actually we use

Atlantischer Ozean
Indischer Ozean

so like the britisch it's two words. If you want to contract it, your form would be correct.

As for "Sturmgewehr": We call a 7.61x51mm monster a Sturmgewehr this days...


H&K G3 - If you want the message "Wrong side of the gun, sucker" to be spelled out very clearly!
Well most has been said already. Maybe it should be mentioned that the "sturm" in "sturmgewehr" doesn't have to do anything with storm as in "thunderstorm". German simply has a similiar metaphor as English has in "to storm an enemy position". However where as English usually uses "assault" we have less Latin influences and use only the word-stem "sturm". So translating "sturmgewehr" for "assault-rifle" is just perfect.
Maybe a plasma rifle would however be called sturmgewehr as well, as it might replace the common rifles. At least, if used in that way, it would/should be called plasmasturmgewehr (we love these long words in Germany). Of course PSG(-1) would be a nice analogy to the modern marksman rifle (scharfschützengewehr) PSG-1.

Actually in case of the "Albatross Ocean" you can't be sure what the offical version would be in German. There is no rule how to call the Earth's oceans. There are only 3 of them. But given that all of them are rooted in Latin language and your's wouldn't be, I would make it analogue. I guess it would be even more likely for the Germans not to call the feature ocean but sea ("Meer"). So it would be Albatrosmeer/Albatross Sea. Actually ocean is reserved for the big Earth' things only.