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Missing Page FFE005

Page 4 of the Striker Design Sequence Tables is misprinted (its a duplicate of page 8).

The missing page is the one with the following tables:

- Environmental Controls
- Equipment Table
- Vehicle Mobility Table
- Light Vehicle Table
- Cross Country Mobility Table

Can anyone post the information missing from this page?

Thanx in Advance,

Well I'll try (don't blame me if the format is screwy I'll try to make it as clear as possible)

Environmental Control Equipment Table
Sealed environment/.001m3/Cr10/per m3 of usable chassis/turret space
Overpressure/.01m3/Cr10/per m3 of usable chassis/turret space
Life support/.50m3/Cr1000/per crewman and passenger
Intake compressor/.10m3/Cr200/per megawatt of power plant output

Weight: 1 ton per m3.
Tech level: All equipment is tech level 5.

Vehicle Mobility Table

04-05 15 P/W: Power to weight ratio
06-07 20 M: Movement speed in km per hour
08-09 25 There are several modifiers to road speed:
10-11 30 For Tracked and wheeled vehicles:
12-13 35 Add 10 kph per tech level above 5
14-15 40 Add 10 kph if vehicle is wheeled
16-17 45 Add 15 kph if vehicle is light; see the light vehicle table
18-19 50 For ACVs:
20-21 55 Subtract 50 kph at Tech level 7
22-23 60 Subtract 20 kph at tech level 8
24-25 65 Add 10 kph at Tech level 9+
26-30 70 For all vehicles;
Add 1 kph for each power to weight number over 30.

Light Vehicle Table
TL Weight
5 5
6 10
7 15
8 20
9+ 25
Weight: Maximum weight of a light vehicle.

Cross Country Mobility
P/W Wh Tr
04-07 15% 30%
08-11 20% 40%
12-15 25% 50%
16+ 30% 60%
If vehicle has a ground pressure of 7+, subtract 10% from the above figures.
P/W: Power to weight ratio.
Wh, Tr: Cross country speed expressed as a percentage of road speed. [for wheeled and tracked suspensions respectively]

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David Shayne
Thanks, Dave, but *DAMN* this the umpteenth thing found wrong with FFE-005 (such as the overly dark color pages, the missing FFW rules back page [which I was glad to supply], and others)! It seems like it was a cast-iron bitch to get published, but could it *maybe* be reprinted with all its problems fixed? I'd buy another one (and wouldn't make a peep about already having purchased the FUBAR-ed one) just to have a definative reference for these games. Maybe wait a few more months for (actively solicited) problem reports to come in? However, perhaps I'm in the vast minority.... I *sure* don't want to disrupt the future publishing schedule: I *need* the later JTAS reprints, as well as the Alien Modules!
all i know is, the missing page Wendell supplies downloaded a HELL of a lot faster than those hogs on the web page. plus, half of those are MISSING!

geez, Marc! no offence, but you really need a web designer who can find his own ass in the dark.