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Back in the day I had Grenadier's Marine and Aliens boxed sets. I have a couple of Aslan I bought when TNE was out (RAFM)? Does anyone know of a good source for Traveller minis?

Please note that I know about SJG's Cardboard Heroes and have quite a few. However, lately I've wanted some a bit more substansive on my table.


Sentry Box (in Calgary, AB) has TNE figures and the ability (?) to get more... seemingly. They also, last time I ordered, had a bunch of the Trav ship minis from the old days.

Ground Zero Games (United Kingdom) has UNSC Marines in 25mm and 15mm in its SG25 and SG15 line (for Stargrunt, their squad based infantry game) that are 'unreasonable handcarved facsimiles' of Imperial Battle Dress.

Denizen/Ainsty (Also UKish) have 25mm Ventaurians. Now, the helmet off version has a yoda-head. Avoid like the plague unless you're gonna re-head them. But the armour is an 'unreasonable handcarved facsimile' of Zho Combat Armour, with the bug eyes, and the whole bit, right off the old alien cover.

Ground Zero Mercs are also good - a wide variety, good for all your TL-6 to TL-9 conflicts, and their Street Level series gives you firefighters, rioters, paramedics, cops/security gaurds, guerillas, etc.

Fire up your Google-Fu. If you aren't search engine savvy, let me know and I can make an effort to get you the links. Or visit www.stargrunt.ca and get to our links page.
Search on EM4 miniatures (or EM-4). The best I have found so far, though the line's not nearly as big as Ground Zero Games.
I can't help but think EM-4 (from whom I've bought, in a moment of colossal weakness) is knocking off old Coppelstone Future Warriors. (Put the two together, you'd be hard pressed to come to any other conclusion).

The figures are nice, but I wish Mr. Coppelstone had re-released them instead. I do feel a bit bad that he is getting left out of the loop here... as he has not licensed them.

But... they are nice figures.....

(I liked the old RP Battletech 25mm figs too)
Originally posted by kaladorn:
I can't help but think EM-4 (from whom I've bought, in a moment of colossal weakness) is knocking off old Coppelstone Future Warriors.
I'm not sure if these are old ones redone or totally new sculpts but [EDIT:] there are new CoppelstoneFuture Warriors being current made.

Main page:

Nod to RLBPS as a US source for Copplestone minis.


[EDIT] replaced they with there and made some minor corrections; I don't know if the types of miniatures are the same or not but I do know Copplestone currently sells FW minis
If you look at the EM-4 figs, they're a bit smaller than the classics. Normally, a mould gets made from a slightly oversize master. You'd get slightly smaller figs if, for instance, you cast an already cast figure (instead of making the mould from a master fig which is a bit oversize). So I'm suspicious. Also, Coppelstone has said he didn't license a lot of the copies that are out there.

OTOH, the EM-4 guys are easy to deal with and the quality was good. If you can sort of ignore the origins...
Alright, I am going to suggest some heretical-type stuff here. Go down to the toy store and buy a bag of Army Men, that's right, and you're ready to play with mini's. I occasionally find some at the dollar store as well.

I suppose soda cans as vehicles is a bad too? I do use a battlemat.
I just got a bunch of Sci-Fi figures from Denizen in England. They are pretty good, and come in 25 mm. You can use the lizardy aliens as Vargr if you want (at least they look close enough to be Vargr).

My 2 cents.