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Miniature combat besides Striker?


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I am sure that this has been asked before but I don't have time to search for it right now

Miniature rules? I have seen discussions about combat (personnel and ship), so I was wondering if there was a desire for combat rules in miniatures (besides the Striker and Fire, Fusion & Steel.)

Dave Chase

(and Flynn, sorry about not getting that submission in. No excuses just failed to get it in).
I assume by FF&S you mean TNE's Striker II. IIRC it used a modified form of Command Decision which I'm personally not fond of.

If you don't mind them not being official, Ground Zero Games currently offers Dirtside II and Full Thrust for free on PDF from


enter the store and go to downloads. Both are out of print or soon to be at the publisher though IMO copies are well worth hunting down. I believe both are due sometime for a new version but the current ones are fine, esp. for free.

They also sell a skirmish game, Stargrunt.

I believe there are some Traveller conversions for GZG games here and elsewhere on the web. Some of the authors are on CotI.

Thanks for the information. I already have them and more.

My question is: do people want a more detailed set of official miniature rules?

Dave Chase
Not me personally. I have enough rules sets as is and don't prefer overly detailed miniature rules these days.

Offhand what system would new miniatures rules be made for? d20 and Gurps already support map/miniature use and the earlier rule sets had similar if not outright official miniatures rules. T5 might have something but at this point T5 might have everything or nothing.
Actually, if anything, I want a LESS detailed set of miniature rules for Traveller ground combat. I'd like to see something like what Power Projection did for Traveller space combat.
Combat dials are simple. (Wizkids stuff)

I never meant to suggest a 500 page rule per movement, 350 page rule on shooting, etc.

My question is just to test the waters for from my view point. Nothing official just curious.

Dave Chase
MT is also capable of minis play. I've used it for such with great success, all the way up to figure=regiment.
Originally posted by Aramis:
MT is also capable of minis play. I've used it for such with great success, all the way up to figure=regiment.
I don't own MT, but I will check it out when I get the chance.


Dave: You'll need PH and Ref's Companion. Ref's manual is optional, for it has the vehicle rules.

It's not explicit about figure scale, leaving that up to individual choice. Unlike most, it also handles imbalanced figure scale. IE, what happens when a lone figure fires upon a unit of 20 or 100...