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military traditions

bryan gibson

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In your universe, what would be some of the military traditions, ( not merely Marine, but all services) be like? Traditions can be anything, from customs, to reasons behind insignia, to uniforms, you get the idea!

to start the ball rolling, here is a bit from my universe, the Terran Praesidium:(the opening will give the context, the sidebar is the resulting custom that evolved)

2139-(119 SNC) In June of 119 SNC, the newly organized and still somewhat shaky Terran Praesidium is nearly lost to a coup.
The “Day of the Generals” occurs when a group of generals and high ranking politicos pull off a brilliantly orchestrated exercise and take command of Station Lemay, threatening the Earth with its nuclear arsenal. As the Praesidium is shaken to the core and while loyalties and deceptions are played out, the lunar freight shuttle Endeavor incoming to Station Lemay with a load of military supplies lays on all delta-v and goes on a collision course. Launching a life pod, Endeavor collides with Lemay, destroying it. The pod contained a recording indicating that the Endeavor’s crew of three officers and four enlisteds, loyal to the Praesidium, unanimously opted to ram. Afterwards known as The Seven, they become a symbol of the principles of the Praesidium and are lionized by the TPDF as the Praesidium’s first true heroes.

In that the Seven single handedly averted a world wide threat , something from cheap thriller novels made manifest by the fact that investigation revealed General Suddeth had already enabled the nuclear weapons and was preparing the launch sequence when the Endeavor struck Station Lemay, the populace embraced their sacrifice. They were , in all effects, canonized by the mass media and became household heroes and that memory lingers to this day. Each of the Seven,( Commander Gary Levy, Lieutenants Constance O’Halloran, Barney Guthrie, and Flight Sergeant Tomoe Ishikawa, Sergeant Steven G. Kelley, Mission Specialists Jorge Esposito and Andrea Mikalides) has a memorial in their respective hometowns and are maintained by TPDF forces with a twenty four hour sentry and guard. Traditionally sentry duty for the Seven is only performed by servicemen and women for a single duty shift of twelve hours, and then only when on unpaid leave. There is always a full duty roster, and the privilege to stand this guard has a two year waiting list.
A class of frigates, the Endeavor class, have existed since mid 200 SNC, and is dedicated to rearguard, rescue and defensive missions. There are only seven in the class at any one time and they are considered the pinnacle of the Presidium Naval Fleet and are crewed by the cream of that branch. Competition to serve aboard these vessels is fierce, and any having done so wear the silver “7” emblem on their uniform with pride. Naval and Marine personnel take it as a matter of pride to never wear any decorations awarded while serving aboard the class, instead leaving them in the large silver bowl in each ships common mess. The Endeavor’s are the most highly decorated ships crews in service today, with awards ranging from the Medal of Merit and the Medal of Honor to the Silent Star still residing in their place of honor in the crew’s mess.
In memoriam, and recognizing their sacrifice, to this day the Praesidium Council and Congress is convened with these words: ..”So therefore, by the Grace of God and the Seven, let the Praesidium Congress come to order.”
For the unit i created in "Armed forces of the Gateway"-Harper's Hoplites, the regimental motto
is "No debt unpaid, no deed forgotten".

This stems from the 998 ambush on Renaldo/Gateway wherein the Regimental CO, BG Reyanud Abernicht was killed and almost every man in the HHC element convoy, save four: the sole survivor, the RSM Artoer Huunek, and the three deserters, Holst, Deitz, and Yuuban.

RSM (ret.) Huunek now runs the Schools Training S-3 NCOIC slot at their Homeworld, and will till the day he passes from the earth, since he is no longer "combat-effective".

A basalt plinth with three human head-sized bowls stands on Renaldo with the names of those who deserted their brothers (and possibly betrayed them as well) unto death. Each Bowl has a name carved upon it. On the Plinth, gazing downwards, BG Abernicht's name closest to the bowls, and the other 206 men's names who were killed in the vehicle ambush (the lowest ranking top most).

The 6Mcr payment for the mission has been held in an unumbered account on the Corporate world of Monopoly/Gateway, in three 2Mcr separate accounts, drawing interest.

ANyone who finds and kills one of the Three Judas' may place their head in the appropriate bowl to claim their reward. To date, Yr 1000, all three remain empty still. By order of Regimental CO, BG Vanya Koniev
The dead in combat are recalled at roll call every Payday (Once a month, rain, shine, sleet snow, or combat environment) by the BN Ranking NCO, ususally a CSM, And the unit (usually the whole company) to whom he/She belonged, in Unison answers not "absent"/ or AWOL/ but "Rank/Name-Paid in Full!"
To which the BN Commander, or senior Officer & CSM reply "No Deed Forgotten!", and salutes that unit.
Great post, BG, btw. Stirring, and emotion wrought. I was moved reading it. I can see the epithet too of "By the Seven!"...

Thanks fer posting-I know yer busy.

as ever was,
This isn't a Traveller Tradition yet. but if I import the Sudbury 220th into an Imperial Army or Mercenary Regiment it's one of the things I will try to translate.

Goliath (Leman Russ Demolisher): (sidebar: this all started when my brand new LemDem died to another guard unit's lowely lascannon shot on the first shot of it's first game. (odds were 3/6*2/6*1/6=1/36!!!)

There has always been a 'Goliath' within the regiment. Various Hulls have been Gutted, Brewed up, Looted by Ork Speed Freeks.. Crews have died in droves until with the magic of replacements and spares casualty rates have reached nearly 500%. Some part, one crew, something always survives and there is ALWAYS a Demolisher Seige Tank in The Regiments Lines and it's Always named GOLIATH