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Merry Christmas to wherever you are ...


Hi All,

(Yeah ... I know. A few days early ...)

Christmas cheer to all from Perth, Australia where at the moment the sun is very hot and the ground is dry.

Wishing everyone a festive and safe season including the New Year. To all Travellers, travel safe wherever you are.

Merry Xmas,
Dave G.
(Perth, Aust.)
Greetings from the Independent State of My Address, in the Free City of Lynn in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in the U.S.o.A. Cloudy and dry, temp unknown. Happy holidays to all who wish rational peace (all religions, just not radical factions)!
A Merry Yule Season to all of CoTI, wherever ye be on Terra's globe, a Happy New Year!
from Liam Devlin, Marie, & Owyn Ross; John & Josephine in North-central Arkansas, US of A/ North America. Cool and dry fer firewood gathering!

:D ;)
hi . and merry times to all . wet , dark , cold , and someone cut down all the trees a thousand years ago , so there's no firewood .
or ashes .
glory to the memory of ' Fat ' Mike Gatting .
England .

( with appologies to americans for the cricket references )
( ( cricket is a game played with 22 men and plenty of irony ) )
I'd like to wish everybody all the very best for the festive season, and may the new year bring you everything you could hope for.
Like Mr.Duckfinder, I'm in England, where the only difference between Summer and Winter is the temperature of the rain...
And a Merry Christmas to you all from the Hot Springy Dingy!
Hey Liam, looks like we gonna have snow! How many credits did you give the terraformers for that little trick?
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone from Central Texas, where the weather outside is frightful (36 degrees, windy and more than a half inch of rain in the last 24 hours).
My lovely wife and I want to wish you all a very joyous Holiday and a prosperous New Year! Right now in the lovely mountains of Idaho it is 32 degrees F, light snow, and the air is crisp.

Be careful out there!
Big Mike
BAH....HUMBUG!!!!...and i suppose you want your wages....and tommrow off....steal from a man pockets!!!....waiter more bread!!! :eek:

is he kidding????.....take a guess...
Merry Life! May today and everyday bring you, your family and everyone joy and happiness.

From the middle of a desert. Then how come the temperature is below 40F? :D

Wishing all Travellers wherever they may be the happiest of holidays from Thom Ryng, Tacoma Washington, USA.

(Cool and rainy, as usual...)
Merry Christmas from dark and wet Hampshire

Hope all travellers everywhere have a great time, and enjoy themselves. Hell I hope some of you manage a game or two.
Originally posted by plop101:
And a Merry Christmas to you all from the Hot Springy Dingy!
Hey Liam, looks like we gonna have snow! How many credits did you give the terraformers for that little trick?
Credits? Nahhh. Made a wish upon a Star! ;) :D
Happy Holidays to all fellow travellers from DeKalb Illinois. It's only Christmas Eve here but this is when my family gets together. It's a cool day (around 34) out but no rain nor snow. When you're only 60 miles away from Chicago, any kind of weather can happen at this time of the year.

Safe travels to all who will be out and see you in the new year.

Bonni (shar_leigh)
What are all of you talking about

Holiday isnt for another 8 days!
Valerian, please drop me a line at fatherfletch@yahoo.com, I live in Tacoma near Wright park and I will be running Traveller in the new year. I would love to get in touch with you
Merry Christmas!!! from myself, my wife and our 5 month old angel here in Sydney, Australia.

It's a nice mild day here, which sucks if you're heading off to the beach, but means a respite from bushfires otherwise!
From the depths of Osnabrück in Germany a Merry Christmas from Yvonne and I, who are taking a short Christmas Day break between wall-to-wall gaming sessions! God I love Christmas holiday time!

Peace and good wishes to you all!

Shane and Yvonne
On the Eve of Christmas with the weather within normal parameters for this atmosphere, I send sincere and personal best wishes to all for a Merry Christmas and a promising New Year.

Far Scout 275