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Mercenary Cruiser

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SOC-14 1K
I found some problems regarding the design sheet for the Mercenary Cruiser.

  • If it suppose to have 2 cutters the tonnage should be 100dtons not 60 dtons.</font>
  • There's no listing for the hanger cost. Based on the table on page 276 this comes out to be 2KCr * 100= .2MCr.</font>
If this is the T20 stats for the Broadsword class then the following are missing:
  • There should be 60dtons allocated to the two spare module bays.</font>
  • Should include an airraft</font>
  • Fuel Scoops</font>
The hanger costs are missing on all of the starships carrying small craft I just realized. I'll get it added to the errata list.

You are also correct on the wrong tonnage for the two cutters on the Merc Cruiser.

This isn't a Broadsword specifically though I did try to match up the capabilities.

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