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looming alien threat...


this isn't to post a new alien contact but to ask the question:
If non-classic (ie, TGN & Voyager) star trek had the borg, DS9 had the dominion and Babylon 5 had the shadows..then who could be the traveller imperium's looming alien threat? the zho? the k'kree?, solomani? Aslan?...or something more ominous just lurking at the edge?

love to hear some ideas....
All that unexplored space to rimward - makes you wonder what's really out there. It wouldn't take much to have a survey team draw attention to itself and its home region of space.

I've thought that the Arachnids from David Weber and Steve White's Starfire series would make good antagonists. They're telepathic (having no verbal communication at all) and relentless (driven by an all consuming hunger and an overpopulation problem).
It's all really the behind-the-scenes activities of the Hivers. Or is that just what they want us to think? Do we think? Think?

Skinner was right!
I think the hiver could be a threat. It is one of those things. Hiver a manipulative and they might find Hiver agents in the upper echelons of the Imperium. Maybe a Solomani Hiver alliance might be behind that. I do liek the KKree too they are difficult to understand and potentially threatning.
The K'kree to trailing.

The Drakkarans to coreward, rampaging rimward through Vargr space.

The Valkyrie to rimward. Bodysnatchers spreading through and absorbing Human and Aslan polities.

To spinward, the possibility the Grandfather might want to start everything over again.
From coreward you could resurrect the old DGP "baddies from the Core" idea that was going to see the Sparklers - or Primordials to give them their other name.

If you consider GURPS Traveller to be canon then you have the Goa'uld like Valkyrie Dominion.

Then there is the secret cabal of machine intelligences hidden within and without the Imperium...

A return of one of Grandfather's progeny, or a secret plan enacted by one - or more - of them...

You might want to consider a house in the country. ;)
Cool topic. WHile we are talking "looming threats" from other sci-fi sources, one thing that I thought had great potential, but was never really used, was the "BlueGill" entities from ST:TNG. Something sentient inserted into the brain to control someone is always creepy and can be used to great effect.

I was planning on using something like this in a TNE setting where Virus plays that role, but using an organic creature draws out the "ick" factor, a lot like some of the Dark Conspiracy critters did.

Also - could anyone expand more upon these GURPS Valkyries? Or where more info can be obtained (for free, of course ;) )
What if the some of the clouds in the rifts were sentient...a la Fred Hoyle's The Black Cloud and Jack Devine's Omega Clouds? As they colesce and merge they become haribridges of doom especially as they chance upon the Ancient matter transport network.

Also, if we are the topic of civilization destroyers could we also assume that the Droyne will always remain passive or that the biomod post-Virus lifeform that afflects Droyne worlds in the 1248 milieu can really be contained?

Another thought...why look it from a humanocentric point of view...the K'kree would sure as hell worry about all the sentient races within the domains of the Vargr, Imperium and Hiver just waiting to pounce upon their herds if they did not maintain eternal vigilance.
The Things, from "Who Goes There?" or the many movies. They came in a space ship, who's to know what planets they have already overun.

I like to call them the Shoggoth. ;)

[edit] When these guys say they are going to assimilate you, they mean it in the literal biological sense. Borg to them just a tasty treat with leftover bits for their science projects.[/edit]
THANX for the responses,
I would like to mention moties..(from mote in god's eye, the gripping hand) put them in a rift area keep them in with the imperial fleet stationed around the jump re-entry parsecs..

this happened once..a legitament creation of tech 15+ system (no fudged die roles...) got me thinking cylons (this was a dozen years ago..)

And what ever happened to 'greys' that visited earth waaayback in the 20th century? (they wheren't droyne)and they are still out there, with their secret plans...

I've read some berserker books...not a pleasant thought releasing some of those into the imperium, cool... :cool:
What about the 'Posleen', from Ringo's books.
10-100 million drop onto a planet, eat everything in sight (including each other), multiply like rabbits, then move on to the next planet.

Brings new meaning to 'Vilani quisine'. :D

Originally posted by Black Globe Generator:

You might want to consider a house in the country. ;)
Perhaps less of a house than a ger or a yurt. You don't want those boxy shapes, after all.

It's like the Jerk of the year 1130: "Stay away from the boxes, they hate the boxes!"


More seriously, I'd have to agree with Merxiless. The problem with the Third Imperium was precisely that they didn't really have an external threat. The TI was hemmed in but the Vargr were disorganized, the K'kree too far, the Hivers were dull, the Zhodani too strong, Aslan weren't hostile enough, and the Solomani were a joke (but too good of trade partners to really kill off).

It's what made it so dull for me as a setting. The worst threat to the TI was the assassination of the Emperor...
Originally posted by Fritz88:
Hey! There's a challenge for the Vilani chefs - Posleen on the barbie!
Wasn't that "Posleen with a barbie?

And: Do the Vilani have the equivalent to the "procreating bunnies" bumper sticker?

As for the "real evil": I'd say the Hiver. They are "sneaky liars/deceivers" in my view.

I mean come on:

Vagr: Roll up a newspaper and give them a slap

Aslan: Bribe them with catnip. Or with Droyne

Droyne: Send Grannie with a cage and birdseed

K'Kree: Use the time proven "Anti-Vegan" treatment - a 2x4 to the neck

Zhodanie: Send in a bunch of professional
XXX "actors/actresses" That minds should keep the tought police occupied. Watch for revolt

But Hivers, them are dangerous. Maybe if we tie up their tentacles?