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line drawings

trader jim

SOC-14 1K
is there any where on the internet i can find plain black line drawings of classic traveller ships?? you know - front rear top bottom l =side
r -side. has any done these beside what are in the LBBs
I found quite a few several years ago on the old Traveller web ring, but I don't have any site addresses (sorry about that). All I can tell you is that I've seen them, but whether they're still posted or not I have no idea.
The Seeker Gaming Systems plans have nice side and top external line drawings (as well as a side cutaway) for the ships covered (at least for the Gazelle and Marava which I have) in addition to the deckplans themselves. As far as I can tell, though nominally MegaTraveller, these are identical with the Classic Traveller versions of these ships (the Marava's stats, OTOH, were changed to a 400-ton design to match the double volume shown in Supplement 7: Traders & Gunboats - an alternative approach to the usual method of making the canon plans fit the canon 200-ton stats).

I wrote to Seeker ( http://www.seekergamingsystems.com ) in mid April, 2002 about their intent to release 25th Anniversary versions of their plans, and was told "The website is still under construction although it should be finished within a few weeks. At that time all product info will be posted concerning each item listed. Some deck/building plans have been published and are awaiting to be sold the website. We will send you a short email when all is ready."

As of late June, 2002, their website remains unchanged. I hope they do go through with it, though - the two sets of plans I have are well done and are more detailed than Supplement 7 or even the FASA "Adventure Class" plans.