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JTAS Adventure Contest #2: Official Announcement



Pick a well-described world, for example from a JTAS Campaign Setting or any Traveller supplement. Write an adventure that takes place within ten minutes' travel time of the starport, yet is characteristic of the world chosen (not just a "generic" adventure).


Entries should be sent to the organizer before 12:00 (Noon) BST on Friday July 7th.


1. No JTAS subscription is required to take part.

2. Each contestant can submit up to three different entries.

3. Each entry should be sent separately to john@elvwood.org.
The subject line should read "Adventure Seed Contest #2 Entry".

4. There is no maximum or minimum length for an entry.

5. All entries should be compatible with the published Traveller
universe. Different interpretations of said universe (such as the
existence or non-existence of organized pirate groups, to name
one example), however, are all fair game. Unless specified
otherwise in the contest parameters, the seed can be set in any
time period (Classic, Rebellion, No-rebellion Alternate, New Era,
Interstellar Wars).

6. Including rule mechanics is not forbidden, but should be kept to
a minimum.

7. All entries remain the property of the contestant. If a
contestant agrees to let an entry be copied and distributed
freely (say, on a web page) after the contest ends, this
should be specified when submitting the entry.

8. Each entry will be posted with the contestant's name, unless they
request otherwise.

9. The contest organizer may also enter the competition.

Good luck!

With only a few days left to go, I have yet to receive any entries. Is anyone here intending to enter?
I just read this. I'll give it a shot, but since there're only a few days left I don't know what I can come up with.
Yeah, I was busy the first time I saw this. But I just took a quick hack at an entry and it's on the way. I may even do another or two.

Just to let you know the deadline has been extended until the end of the weekend (by special request).

I have three entries so far, including mine, ranging from 370 to 1500 words.