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Jasper t.n.s


this is sample of the news sheet I planning of handing my players when my campaign starts soon.

T.N.S. Pokka Day 5-1105 (L-2627 Crucis Margin, Gateway Domain)
T.N.S. Newsflash as of Day 007 1105 a Red Alert exists for all ‘the Reach’ planet systems and the Oytrip of Tubroyllufotyusk. All Travelers are reminded to pass on this information to next T.A.S. center.
The military command of ‘The Reach’ is still taking claims for the destruction of three launch boats and the destruction of the Free Trader Roche Coach and any other damage. On Day 1 of 1105 during his to visit to the city of Pokka an assassination attempt was made on the Prince Andrew Sullivan Smith, who fourth in line for ‘The Reach. This attempt was foiled by His Majesty Emperor Smith elite Death Dogs Marine Division.
Among the dead include Baron Emory Bordermarch, Ms Bordermarch, and the prince’s teacher Dr Tray Whisperspon. Six other civilians were killed along with two patrol officers. The wounded now number at seventeen. While this attack was going on a suicide run was made on the light cruiser R.S.S. Sword by O.T.S. free trader Sacred Life. Light damage was the result but in the resulting chaos at least three (seven according to our sources) launch boats and the Roche Coach fail to heave to and were destroyed
Prince Andrew from orbit in R.S.S. Sword thanked the good people of Pokka and administered the oath of fealty duty office to Baroness Alice Truemane.

Day 360-1104 Turku (K-2329 Crucis Margin, Gateway Domain)
His Majesty Emperor Smith announce that unless the council accepts his budget for 1105 that the construction of new fleet hull would be halted.
The band Moon Monkeys started the kick of their twenty fifth reunion tour with the ‘Last Liner to Chenachane’, ‘All out for Albox’, and “ Mad dogs and Imperials’. Band lead singer Davey Moon beam Zippo announce the tour would hold at least three concerts on each of planets and then precede Rimward to Chenachane and other points.

Day 200-1104 Turku (K-2329 Crucis Margin, Gateway Domain)
Today is the fourteen anniversary of the joint proclamation Imperium and ‘The Reach’ declaring Coin (L-2525 Crucis Margin, Gateway Domain) a preserve for the alien race discover inhabiting the planet. The star base will stay only a D. A small number of academics will be hired to study the aliens. People for the Ethical Treatment of Aliens gave a ten thousand credit reward to fund the research. Five members of People of the Extermination of Aliens (formally Humans Against Toleration of Ets) were arrest while protesting.

Day 33 1104 Gateway Domain
This is eleventh anniversary of the lost of Ebon Rapturous in Gateway space.

Day 320 1103 Solomani Rim
Officials are still looking for the infamous gun runner Lord Rami Ibe Izoid. Lord Rami was broken out a medium security by his kids the Terrible Twins Michael and Michelle Izoid. Forty more charges of murder have added to the Izoid family rap sheet. A 3 MCr reward has been added to reward prize for capture and prosecution of Izoid family. This brings the total reward prize is now 20 MCr.

Day 15 1101
Scouts Wes Weber and Alice Harrington announce a discover of artifact planet 60 parsecs Rimward of the Solomani Rim. Details follow.
Head Steward T. H. Warren announcement.
Welcome to the final legs of our maiden voyage of QBert 3. Our next stop is Ranua and our final hop will be to Lahti which will be our turn around point. Your captain is Eddie Smith. Lt Piero Calamai is your executive officer and our pilot is Billy Turner. I am your head steward T. H. Warren and Benji Harrison is the steward for our middle passengers. The head engineer is Tommy Pickles Andrews. Our doctor is J. H. Wells. The rest of crew is Fred G Halberstadt, Christopher Jones, Marvin R. Young, Jamie M. Sprayberry and Cass J Mason.
This will be our thirty third jump coming up. For those new to voyage the QBert three is the newest ship and new QBert series of ships for Tukera Lines, our home port is Annapbar. The planets and locations we have visited are Landing, Gashuki, Udririmma, Ugkimlu, Gasal, Far Portal, Tharver, Galesta, Xandolar, Carver’s Range, Gateway, Anderson, Bremen, Neopis, Star belt, Ashton, Viyard, Kever, Plinth, Whister, Elsmere, Uaboe, Abricot , Largo, Jipujapa, Ghema, Soluk, Gdynia, Quabalan, Biskra, Timgad, Tlemcen, Turku (the capitol of ‘the Reach’)
We have visited the following territories in the Imperium Gateway domain, the Khuur League, Gailian federation, Plavian league, Trindel Confederacy, Viyard Concourse, Mische Conglomerate, Old Worlds, and the Reach.
When finish our maiden outward voyage at Lahti, our voyage will have covered three sectors of the Gateway domain, thirty four jumps averaging three plus parsecs, our total outward time would have been fourteen months and nine territories. So far we have had one birth a cute baby girl call Elizabeth QBert Dover the second. Our low berths have experienced no malfunctions so the stewards will gladly take your beds for the next part of our voyage.

The Q Bert series mount two additional weapon points (for your protection) with just the addition of one 50 dTon deck. The Tukera Lines have purchase five of the Q Bert models to upgrade our Pride of Tripoli’s ships. Passengers are reminded they are restricted to the passenger areas. However tours of the engine room and bridge can be authorized by the captain. If you have cargo on board you can arrange to check it with captain approval. Please be sure to review all safe systems and rules which are posted in your staterooms.
Remember the courtesy collection hour starts as soon as we break orbit, so for your Travelers who have forgotten to check in their holdout weapons this is a gentle reminder.
First class passengers are reminded that first night meal is formal. Middle class passengers are reminded that second night meal is formal.

We like point out our first class passenger Fred Smith is still walking the stars. Just two more jumps Mr. Smith and you can start walking backwards.

Hope you enjoy your passage on QBert 3 and remember Travelers Travel on Tukera.