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Japanese Fansite - Nice pics

That money is very nicely done
Yeah, I have to agree with the Goode Baron's sentiment there. I'm extremely jealous of some of those good-looking covers to the Japanese Traveller materials.
That is some outstanding artwork! I wouldn't mind having some of that. Hell, I wish I could just draw like that and make my own!

Traveller definitely needs good art. I wish we could find one great artist to get the feel of Traveller, especially to bring in new people.
I used to say that, but QLI and SJG are definately improving the situation. The biggest problem I find with a lot of art for Traveller these days is not so much the quality of the art itself but the fact that the subject matter is bland, being based on decades old uninteresting and unimaginative designs.

It's funny, I would have said the opposite Crow. I always liked the DGP & GDW renditions, especially work of the Keith bros and Blair Reynolds.

But, I do have agree the overall artwork is getting better. But, I still am a purist who is not terribly keen on Anime (as it reminds me too much of the faces of babies - which is odd as that is what we are supposed to love). For me if the artwork is ultra-realistic and lots of shades of grey then I am a real happy camper.
It'd defnitely better than the crap that graced the covers of the old Judge's Guild books. I shudder when I look at some of the stuff that's in the illustrated Traveller Bibliography online....
Yeah, I agree manga has no place in Traveller but I've also got no time for the Keith brothers atall. Deitrich I liked though in the early days. Nice, appealing graphic style.

Langdon Foss is the guy who's done it for me in recent publications, namely GURPS: Traveller.


It ain't easy. I lived in Japan for five years and can only recognize about 200 symbols. The real difficulty is that Japanese has three, count them, three forms of written language.

You have:

Katakana - Japanese symbols for Japanese words (an alphabet of syllables i.e. a, e, u, i, o; ka, ki, ku, ke, ko; etc. spoken with latin vowel pronunciation)

Hiragana - a different set of symbols for foreign words (helps identify the word immediately as non-Japanese)

Kanji - Chinese characters for Japanese words/concepts (literally thousands of symbols)

Most written Japanese is a combination of predominately Kanji (because complex ideas can be written with fewer characters) and Katakana to imply verb tense or other nuances. The fun begins when foreign words are included, bring the Hiragana symbols into the mix too.

I've heard it stated that to read a Japanese newspaper requires knowledge of some 3000 Kanji symbols alone. To graduate high school in Japan requires a student to be able to replicate some 6000 kanji symbols and penmanship counts! Unless the Kanji is written with each stroke made in the proper order and length, it is not correct.

Please, any Nisei or students of Japanese language correct my gross generalizations if they're wrong. I was not a student there, just a long term tourist.

When I was living there, I was happy being able to find the right train station or highway on my own! Thank heavens most menus included pictures!
Jame, if you haven't already I suggest installing the Japanese Language Pack from Windows Update if you are on Windows 98+. It's been a while so I can't remember the exact name or what the option in Office is to enable language support on that end. IIRC Mac OS X has Japanese character support built in. That way you can at least view the characters on most Japanese language websites properly and paste to Office. :cool:

About.com's Japanese Grammar page is useful. When in doubt click on the "Where do I begin?" link.

The Japanese-English Dictionary Interface is useful though I've seen some conflicts with other sources. Select ROMAJI input if you want to look up a Japanese word that's been romanized*, Japanese output if you want Japanese characters etc.

For a test run you could always try:
cute (input method English or Japanese)
【可愛い】 [かわいい] (same input method; either version within the []s should work)
kawaii (input method ROMAJI)
and test the output options

In a pinch Babelfish accepts and translates to Japanese characters but it reminds me of the Hungarian Phrasebook sketch from Monty Python sometimes ("My Hovercraft is full of eels"). ;)

* converted to the Latin alphabet from Japanese characters

Thanks for the advice, guys. I might consider that language thing from Windows Update.

All this for a general comment about a website - a website with good art!
Langdon Foss' digital paint work is very impressive but maybe what is needed for T5 is something like J.K. Rowlings website to get newbies interested. As us old farts can easily navigate this one...the new generation thinks differently and certainly appeals to them.