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IN Flight Jackets for sale....Cheap!

Step right up, step right up! Don't be shy folks, there's plenty to go 'round.
What I am about to offer you folks is the Gin-u-wine ar-tickle!
These are surplus Imperial Navy Flight Crew jackets, from a contract over-run resulting from the recent unpleasantness.
They have the original groat-fur lining, complete with superconductor thread heat dispersal/retention vest system, as used by our fine boys and girls and sophonts in the service. The collar can close up and form an airtight seal against any IN-SPN 901.23 standard helmet flange.
But wait, that’s not all! For the low, today only price, it also comes with the ballistic insert panels, which only add .5 kg, yes you heard me right, only half a kilo of weight for tons of peace of mind! Protects almost as good as a full Marine Issue Combat Environment Suit! (offer not valid in some systems)
Jes’ to show you nice folks what a good guy ol’ Father Fletch is I will throw a copy of the GTRC good book for comfort when far away from home and needing a little solace, (Those pictures are all of fine upstanding young women from my home parish, decent girls all, just looking to comfort the lonely spacer in his moment of need)
Tell ya’ what I’m gonna do, I will include the optional surface pattern control pattern software. You want your ships crew to have matching flight jackets with your ships logo? No problem, with any IISS protocol 9*34.b2y computer interface you can upload what ever color or pattern or picture you like to the surface of the Jacket! Want some variety? Buy a copy of “Father Fletches Fashion Filches of the Vargr Extents” software package and you will stand out in a Blizzard. And in case of an unfortunate unplanned landing the emergency Interstellar orange setting for the jacket will aid SAR when they come looking. (Just flip up the collar and find the little brass tabs, touch thrice rapidly and POOF! You will need sunglasses to stand being near yourself)
We also have the emergency short range transponder/commo unit that fits neatly into the epaulets on the jacket, capable of over 30 km range of transmission on multiple frequency agile channels.
For the low, low price of Cr. 999.95 it can be yours today!
Now, now, don’t shove, there are plenty to go around!
TL 13
Counts as light armor.
Max dex bonus +8 (it is designed for flight crews)No armor check penalty.
+1 AC when camo pattern is activated.
Weighs 1.5 kg with armor insert which also grants AR 5 when in place.
Can act as an emergency vac suit when sealed fully and helmet in place. I would have the characters make DC 10-15 fort checks (depending on whether it is just low pressure or true hard vacuum)every 10 minutes since the jacket is not as fully supportive as a true vac suit, meant mainly for emergency use.
It would normally cost Cr. 1000, but on special today!
Grants a +10 to search or spot checks when the Interstellar Orange pattern is activated.
Up to the Referee as to what the bonus is when you activate the Vargr Patterns! (which may cause seizures in small children and those with epilepsy)
The personnel of the ISS Masakari (all 22 of em, plus "15" specialists), dash to the head of the line...
Father Seamus "Shameless" O'Herlihy, umbrella, and cassock pulling up the rear, One hand Holding the trilby down in the brisk breeze as starships lift off and land nearby.
The Ithklur, whose name tape on his Jump suit reads "Mr. Wulfe" asks if you have one in XXL size...
Father O'Herlihy sidles up to Father Fletch, and opens a foldout stand, and unloads his trenchoat with the very same Dark Shades recommended by the previous Good Padre Fletch. The Grav Biker gal (strategically unzipped for maximum ogling) opens a case of GTRC Bibles, sets them between the two padres...
made some notes and edits to the original post. I think this brings it into line for T20 much better. I hope to see many crews out there wearing one. HUNTER, BRUCE, MJD, ETC. please feel free to steal this for the Ships locker.