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If somebody is doing a service class and a campaign in that service do they get


If somebody is doing a service class and a campaign in that service do they still get mustering out benefits particularly for Navy characters in a navy campaign
You get a mustering out benefit when you leave a service. So if they are still on active service, I wouldn;t give them their mustering out.

Of course, at some later stage, when they muster out, they still have it coming to them.
But then how do you decide what they have when they continue in their service what would you give them I mean their are bound to have something arent they ?
If they are still in the navy than they wont need anything the service will provide them with pay 3 sqaures a day and a nice hard bunk to sleep on. just like the navy today if the players are in a service type campain then it should run just like the military today, and dont forget shore leave.
Once you have mustered out, you are no longer in the service (except the Scouts). Its a one-time deal when leaving active duty.

If you are doing a campaign where the characters are still in the service, they do not muster out until it is time for them to leave. Anything they need (weapons, transport, etc.) is going to be provided by the service, and will be expected by that service to be returned in good order when the mission is complete. Keeping a particular weapon might be feasable if it is of use for the serviceperson in their continued duty assignments.

If they have mustered out, they may recieve that weapon as a token of appreciation for thier service. Note that once they have left the service, they can no longer gain levels in their service class (again, except Scouts), which means they will need to multiclass into another class (such as mercinary if they wish to still be a soldier of some sort).