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human stories and aslan


What stories written by humaniti would an Aslan like.
Obviously he would like some, we are often simmilar; most human cultures have some elements about them which is simmilar to the Fteir.
Males would like Westerns - brave settlers going off to find land for themselves and slaughtering the original inhabitants.
Originally posted by Andrew Boulton:
Males would like Westerns - brave settlers going off to find land for themselves and slaughtering the original inhabitants.
I like it! Good suggestion. Can they tell the difference in actors? Who would be their favorite if so? Would it even matter?

I suppose there would be holovids of planetary expansions as well? They probably would have "monster" inhabitants as these would most likely be totally fictional for entertainment.

They would of course like Gladiator and Master & Commander

They would like the Real Old Oldies like Herodatus(Go Tell the Spartans You that Passeth by, That Here Obeidient to Their Laws we Lie-very honorable)Beowulf(pulling off monsters arms with bare hands), Homer, Henry V, etc.
They would love John Wayne-probably make him an honorary clan member.
They would certainly love the Hornblower movies and might like the books depending on which clan they are from(Hornblower does a lot of clever strategems; some would regard that as a sign of a great warrior, while others would think them dishonorable.
George C. Scot's Patton will probably enable a Free Trader who sells it in the Hierate to pay off his ship.
Oddly, they might also associate (the Males) with The Dirty Dozen, the Magnificent Seven, or any other movie which pitted a small group against large odds or in which honour was more important than survival.

Historically, they'd appreciate Thermopylae/the Hot Gates with Leonidas and the Spartans versus the Persians. And of course the Japanese legend of the 47 Samurai/Ronin whose loyalty to their lord extended beyond his lifespan. In fact, much of Samurai legend might suit them. They also appreciate subtleties humans of most cultures miss, so they may find kindred spirits in Japanese or Chinese warrior cultures.
"The Man Who Would Be King" maybe - a couple of ex-soldiers go off and capture a whole kingdom!

War films would probably go down well. They might like "A Bridge Too Far", especially the bits at Arnhem (brave drop-troops holding firm against vastly superior odds). "Zulu" for the same reason.
"Zulu" for the same reason.

They would certainly love Zulu. Especially that part where the Welsh and the Zulus sing war songs to each other before falling on again
Heh, yeah.

What would female Aslan like?

Taking this further, what would other races like?

Vargr: Slapstick/physical humour (they'd love the Three Stooges). Car chases. Heist movies. "Reservoir Dogs" :)

Hivers: Twisty, turny, complicated plots ("Dune", John Le Carre). "The Usual Suspects".
I think Aslan would dig LotR trilogy

They would like the later parts-they would probably skip Bilbo's birthday party. And some might think that sneaking up on Sauron and destroying the ring was dishonorable.
Vargr: Slapstick/physical humour (they'd love the Three Stooges). Car chases. Heist movies. "Reservoir Dogs" :)

Errol Flynn pirate movies- Capt Blood and all that
Female Aslan:
Tales about the accumulation of wealth, merchantile success, etc. James Clavell's Shogun and Noble House come to mind.

Vargr: The stooges are great. American Werewolf in London. Just about any Pirate Movie (the last one with Johnny Depp comes to mind). Robin hood. Anything with Libertarian themes. Star Wars (small band, led by charismatic smuggler, takes on galactic empire and wins!).

Hivers: The Usual Suspects is a great thought. Lots of Chinese stuff with hidden meanings and all sorts of comedy with double entendres and the like - Leslie Nielsen stuff like Naked Gun and Police Squad and Airport.

Zhodani: European films with thoughtful endings. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.

Ithklur: WWF. UFC. Bloosport, Kickboxer, Arnold Films, etc.

Solomani: Anything from Terra. The movie version of Heinlien's Green Hills of Earth. Battlefield Earth.

K'Kree: Vegetarian Cooking Shows.
NO! The first act of the Terran Empire is to destroy all copies of Battlefield Earth in any format known. Whatever literary merit the book and series may have, whatever propaganda value the humans-take-out-the-oppressive-aliens theme, cannot outweigh the execrable plot devices and charicatures of the movie.

Merchant-Ivory films about repressed Englishmen who know their place and uphold traditional values. "Under Seige" (the hero is a cook!)
Female Aslan would like Macbeth where a female gets to dominate a macho but not very bright male-they would probably love to do this
They would also like Antony & Cleopatra for the same reason

Vargr would like a lot of gangster movies. They would not like Godfather-all that about loyalty to the Family. Aslan would understand that part but would not like the Corelone Clan's "unique" interpretation of Fteir

Male Aslan would love the first four Rockies

Vilani would love Fiddler on the Roof-"tradition, tradition"
Hivers would probably like weird twisty plots. The Matrix, Dark City, Minority Report and Vanilla Sky all spring to mind.
The average male Aslan (who cannot tell human gender) would like Kill Bill. Of course if they found out the main character is female they might get a bit upset.

I wonder what they would think of ScFi films and TV? Of all the TV shows, I think Babylon 5 contains something most alien races could identify with. Hivers would probably like Dr Who though!
Aslan would like Star Trek. Well, episodes with Klingons in, anyway...

I'm struggling to think of something the Zhodani would enjoy. Looking along my book and DVD collections, I think they'd just declare everybody involved criminally insane. (I've mentioned before how mind-numbingly dull Zhodani art is).