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How many dice do you roll for a 100 ton and 50 ton guns initially ?


How many dice do you roll for a 100 ton and 50 ton guns initially I cant seem to find where the dmg is listed for bay weapons :(
Found it -


Or More accurately, treat the bay as a battery of turrets of the same type - so a 50 ton fusion bay at tl12 is a 7 factor fusion battery.

This gives it a +7 BAB.

it would take 16 Fusion guns mounted individually to form the same battery with a higher cost, EP drain and shorter range. The Fusion guns would take less interior space however the bay improves better with tech than the turrets do.

On the whole - if you are big enough to have a bay, you can afford the interior space and aren;t likely to be using it against swarms of fighters, then a bay is a more effective option.

I think of bays as a collection of lots of small weapons - firing as a group

At least that's my interpretation - I expect to be proven wrong, but I figure that an answer that works is better if you need a quick answer.
actiually I think the Top numbers for the USP/Attacl Bonus by Tech Level are the Tech level and the numbers beneath are the USP attack bonus
I could be wrong though would much appreciate a ancients or imperial officers help