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How long does it take?

How long does it take to travel the entire LENGTH of "Charted Space" as presented in Supplement 8, under "normal" circumstances?

If you got a "canon" answer, fine... But what do you think?
Lessee, 16 sectors, each 32 parsecs wide. Figuring jump 2 average, with a week in-system/dirtside, ignoring rifts, gives a parsec a week: 512 weeks, or right around 10 years for a rough estimate for someone using merchants and spending little time sightseeing. Maybe 15 years with a more leisurely approach. At the other end, averaging jump 4 and immediately transferring to another vessel without refueling would yield 64 weeks, or about 15 months.
What would you estimate for intense system exploration at Jump 4? The reason I ask is that I am planning a Campaign that involves exploration of new systems in the galactic arm "Behind the Claw" and I am trying to get an Idea of how far the ship would get in oh... say 250 years or so...


Thank you for your response!

Assuming you're wanting to survey an entire sector at a time, The Imperial Fringe (Deluxe Traveller introductory adventure, reprinted in Double Adventures 1-6+) does something similar and states that, with jumping, one world/system can be surveyed every two weeks (for this, jump rating doesn't really matter, as long as it's good enough to get from one system to another - jump 3 might do, but jump 4 would be handy for the occasional gap). That's for the already-known worlds of the Spinward Marches. Still, given this as a base, and given average (50%) map density, there are 1,296 hexes per sector, giving 648 with planets to be explored (the Spinward Marches has only 440 worlds). Thus, a quickie survey of a typical sector would take about 1,296 weeks or 24.9 years. Spending more time surveying would increase the overall time (two weeks in-system would extend the time to 1,944 weeks or 37.3 years; taking longer would increase the time proportionally, keeping in mind the week needed for jumping). So, in 250 years, you could quickly survey 10 sectors, or more thoroughly survey 6.7 sectors, with a single ship working at it. This doesn't include time for maintenance or replacement of crew, however.
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