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How does the combat system handle?


I will (hopefully) be getting my book tomorrow, but I'm curious- How does the T20 combat system actually handle? Is it quick and easy, but detailed enough to allow for some interesting tactical problems?

Are the weapon damages spread out enough? (For example, does a .45 do the same as a 9mm or whatever the Trav equivalent is...heh, probably 10mm). Does it bother you to roll d20's for damage (I've heard the PGMP's do Xd20 damage).
I think weapon damages are spread out well enough. Now, if I start converting weapons from T4's Emperor's Arsenal, I may have to tweak a bit, but otherwise I have no complaints.
As for rolling the d20's, if someone gets a hold of a High Energy Weapon, watch out. But it fits. Those are the most powerful small arms you can find.