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How do I get the pdf TA issues that I've paid for?


Alright, I've put in a payment for a 12 issue subscription for TA. I've d/l'ed TA07 (very nice, btw, great work). Now I'm trying to figure out what I'm suppose to do to d/l the other issues that I'd like.

I've logged in, and can see the option to either "screen" or "print" (but not for TA01 :confused: ).

Is there a trick to this that I'm missing? I don't want to try "print" option in the event that it will debit my available subscription d/l's but not give me what I'm looking for (the .pdf).

uh, Help?
OK, never mind - apparently "screen" version meant the electronic pdf version. I personally wish that was more clearly conveyed. Like actually using "PDF version" (hey, PDF is used everywhere else).
Hey there:

(1) Each TA except the first one is available in two formats, both of which are in PDF format:
"Screen" -- more color, usually two columns
more pleasing to the eye, uses lots of ink
"Print" -- a lot less color, usually one column
more pleasing to a printer (uses less ink)

I always download both, which is allowed.

(2) You may have to "take" an issue first, before you can download it. I think the UI for this is a bit confusing, myself, but once you've "taken" an issue, your "Number of Subscriptions Remaining" should decrement, and then it should appear in the "Download Again" section of your eLibrary account.

(3) Again, once it's "taken," you can download it as many times as you need to.

Hope this helps,
Thanks, Dan. I thought the Print version was a request for a printed version. Some form of description at the top of the webpage (a la what you just wrote) would've been helpful - well, it certainly wouldn't HURT. :D

Again, thanks.
From the elibrary log-in screen :
"From this site you will be able to access your private eLibrary account from which you may download any PDF products that you have purchased directly from us." In the on-line catalog those products are marked as pdf or pdf edition (iirc).

Although supplying pdf screen (suitable for viewing on a screen) and print (suitable from printing) versions of pdf products is commonplace as well as the use of the terms screen and print versions I do agree a simple blurb somewhere would help. It's been a while since I made a pdf purchase directly from QLI so I can't remember if they mention and define the terms in the email.

Rpgnow.com does have this in their faq:
"A: <snip> Many have printer friendly versions which are actually faster to view on a slow computer." but no mention in either their emails or on their site that I can find where screen and print pdf versions are defined.

One difference I've noticed is if a screen and print version are offered on rpgnow.com they come in the same compressed file. QLI handles those files seperately. Saves some bandwidth but leaves some room for confusion. :( ;) I usually download both versions as well.