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Hivers Manipulating Positronic Sophonts

There are differing agendas revolving around the current crop of Star Trek series.

For the production company, it's a cash grab, and may originally have been a way to expand it's powerbase.

For CBS it was originally a poison pill to a merger with Paramount, and with Paramount, a way to provide content for it's streaming service, once they swallowed it.

Disco and Picard are highly politicized, it was one of the demands of Stewart, and with Disco, it was what the showrunners thought was in tune with the times.

So far, and ironically, Lower Decks is the only one that I actually like, that doesn't take itself too seriously, while staying within canon and not straying too far into facepalm territory.

Picard is a very sentimental show, and a slow build, but a perfect expansion property - it brings familiar characters in very different circumstances. It's far more a love letter to TNG than was The Orville.
I loved Picard, it was beautiful. I'm not a crazed TNG fan, I don't hate, I just didn't watch it much outside of the movies. But my wife and I really liked Picard, and are waiting for hopefully a second run of it, though it would not surprise me if it doesn't work as well as the first.